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Democrats – Opening This Can Of Worms Is Going To Haunt You!

Democrats – Opening This Can Of Worms Is Going To Haunt You!

Democrats, while what you are doing seems like a good thing, for now, I repeat what McConnell told Reid when they voted in the Nuclear option, ‘Be careful what you are doing, this could come back to haunt you!’ Opening a can of worms may seem exciting, sometimes it brings a whole new set of unanticipated issues with it.

Today the Democrats in the Senate are lamenting how the GOP is using the nuclear option to put a record number of conservative judges on the bench; tomorrow, they will be doing the same as they see their parties president’s removed from power. Once this can of worms is opened, it is not so easy to put a lid back on it. The Democrats in their hatred for Trump are refusing to consider this.

We can look back to the last administration when Obama was in office, and the GOP won control of both the House and the Senate, how would have the Democrats reacted if in a vote, after the House put forth the impeachment articles for Fast And Furious, or maybe Benghazi if the Senate would have impeached and removed the president? We all know the answer to this, cities would have burned, there would have been riots all over the US in Democrat-controlled areas.

In the future, we are going to see more a Britain type of no-confidence vote. If the president is from one party, the other is not happy with the direction the nation is going in, and they control the majority in the House along with the Senate, this will result in the removal of a sitting president. We know now, after watching the hypocrisy of the left in the impeachment of Clinton vs Trump, what their reaction will be then, they will cry victim and try to set this nation on fire.

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We have seen the last couple of days the constant clamor by the left to remove Trump, repeating of the same narrative over and over as the Democrats try to make their case in the Senate to remove Trump, but what happens after this?

We know that Trump will not be removed, so why is this being done? The Democrats know their field is weak, the only chance they have is trying to either remove Trump or weaken public support for him, so far neither is working, so they are trying to change perspectives of the people, this does not seem to be working, but maybe they can sow some doubt, that seems to be their goal right now.

But we have to look beyond this when Trump is gone, that will be either in February of next year or four years later, then what? What happens when the next president is a Democrat, and we see a reaction like we did after the first two years of Obama when the nation responded by handing the house and Senate overwhelmingly to the GOP, what then?

Will the Democrats be willing to concede that their party’s president will be removed? Once more we will see the hypocrisy we expect to see, the Democrats will cry foul, say the GOP is overstepping their bounds, what is OK for them is not for anyone else.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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