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Democrats, You Can’t Claim Victimhood For Something You Started.

Democrats, You Can’t Claim Victimhood For Something You Started.

We all heard the talking heads, breathlessly on TV speaking of pipe bombs in Obama’s, Holders, Waters, and Clinton’s mailbox, then in the next breath while claiming innocence turn around and blame it on Trump’s speech at rallies in 2016 when leftist were interrupting his speeches.  What they failed to mention was while going into these speeches you had to run a gauntlet of protesters that were verbally and physically assaulting Trump supporters, yet the left supported these protestors tossing eggs, spitting at people, ripping signs out of their hands, that to them was a peaceful protest, saying years ago they used to beat someone that was disrupting the meeting they claimed was a terrible act of violence. You can’t claim victimhood for something you started Democrats.

We now see Pelosi, Schumer, and CNN sitting in front of camera’s claiming that the bombs being sent are a reaction to what Trump has said, but I seriously question that, first, I have to ask, why would someone send a bunch of pipe bombs to take eyes off the caravan coming through Mexico that was hurting the Democrats in the polls, the timing is way too convenient to me, I question if these were not a false flag operation. I hope they aren’t, but if they turn out to be, I hope that we see some within the party end up in jail.

Second, when you have the likes of Farrakhan saying that Jews are roaches, and the leaders now screaming in outrage say nothing, you have Antifa terrorizing people, the left is silent as well, you have Scalize shot during the game, the left sat on their hands, the train taking the GOP family members was purposely tried to be sabotaged so as to derail, their silence was deafening, you had Sanders verbally assaulted, Waters stood up publically and called for more of this, so did Clinton and the rest of the DNC. But now that this has happened to them, they suddenly want to cry and act like they were innocent in all of this. Hate to break it to you Democrats, but when you play with fire, you will find at times it will come back and burn you! When you are burned, you can’t claim victimhood when you are the one calling for this violence.

And let’s look at CNN, the ones now blaming Trump for the bombs headed their way, I seem to recall that after the 2017 baseball game CBS News Anchor Scott Pelley asked if the GOP Shooting Was ‘Self-Inflicted,’ yet CNN sat in silence over this. When the game was finally rescheduled CNN went so far as to show a picture of both Democrats and GOP members praying together in a tweet omitting that any GOP members were there, according to them only DNC members were praying for the wounded.

Things quickly went downhill from there. We had then Waters break out with her screaming to impeach 45 (and the DNC wants to cry over people at Trump rallies chanting ‘lock her up’ when they are speaking of the crimes Clinton has done, the only crime Trump committed was winning). After this rhetoric, we saw Antifa tear apart Berkley, then started to attack people on the streets, yet the left acted like they were the heroes here, they said nothing when Antifa destroyed GOP offices in New York, threatened that others will soon experience the same in a city near you.

We saw earlier Madonna saying at a podium she dreamed of blowing up the White House, that to CNN was peaceful speeches, women wearing vagina hats was a great expression of free speech, Rosie O’Donald calling for the military to put in effect a coup and overthrow a duly elected president, that was great as well, they invited her back for more on CNN.

We have heard the violence from the left, you go to any Trump rally and you experience it first hand, but like most bullies when they witness or experience the same directed at them, suddenly the left are claiming they are innocent in all of this, that is pure nonsense, you can’t call for violence, then play the Victimhood card when it is returned on you.

In the end, we are faced with two choices, sadly I fear this is going to end up the later. First, we can start as we have seen Trump do yesterday, call for an end of this, we need to air our differences with words, not with assaults, turns out that was not good enough for Schumer and Pelosi, they stated that stating this Trump did not go far enough, they want him to say he was in the wrong, yet he never did anything. The other way is we can allow this to continue to escalate, this will quickly ramp up until we see violence all over the nation, the whole nation takes a collective breath then dives head first into a civil war.

These are the only two choices we have, either we learn to live with others having a different opinion, give value to that, acknowledge that they have a right to believe differently then we do, or we can say we can’t accept this, then come to physical blows, let the strong decide who has what right to their belief.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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