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Democrats Claim Trump Stormed Out Of Meeting.

Democrats Claim Trump Stormed Out Of Meeting.

We have seen it all over the news, the Democrats doing what they do best, claiming they are victims in the impasse with Trump, he walked out without giving into their demands, but is this storming out?

When one goes to a negotiation, it means both parties put what they want on the table, you then seek a compromise of what will work for both sides, but the Democrats are not doing this, for sure not in good faith.

When they started the meeting, Schumer asked Trump to open the government, sign a spending bill, then they would negotiate in good faith, Trump turned to Pelosi and asked if she was going to appropriate any funding for a wall, she told him no. At this point negotiations are done, there is no give in this, the Democrats are demanding Trump give in 100% to their demands and then trust them to negotiate in good faith with him.

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One should ask, have the Democrats shown to this point that they are willing to deal with Trump in good faith? If not, why would he trust them to uphold their word?

We both know they haven’t, even things they supported 3 years ago, because Trump is asking for them they now suddenly had a drastic change of heart and are diabolically opposed to them. So one has ask, if they aren’t willing to give in to anything Trump is asking for, where is the good faith in this?

We have heard terms from the press, attacking Trump, claiming that he stalked out of the room from AP, CBS lamented that Trump would not give in to Democrat demands, instead, he said: “Bye, bye and walked out“.

It did not stop here as the press rushed to paint a picture that never happened, others are claiming the government workers that are out of a job, for now, are going without because they are not getting paid, but are they? What they fail to include is they all received their last paycheck, the new one comes in today, so how are they without food and going through hardships? Can’t they live off of their pay they have received until now?

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What we have is a false narrative from the Left and their stooges in the press. No one is hurting right now, today is the first time one of their paychecks will be affected, so how are these people going without food or Christmas presents the way the press is reporting?

What we have is a rush of misinformation from the press, until today no one has missed out a check, any work done until now was paid for, now that this is continuing, they may have a story, but not before now.

What is more, many of the creditors, I have found this with most of my card carriers, they are putting in an extension for government workers without a paycheck, so they are not at this time being asked to pay their bills, the banks are doing the same, and with good reason.

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We know that employees of the Federal Government when there is a shutdown have ALWAYS been given their back pay for when they did not work, the banks and loan companies make more interest off the amount owed, going after accounts and declaring them delinquent would hurt them far more than it would help.

It is time we demand honesty, no one was hurt for Christmas, sure not for the New Year, today is the first day we start to see people affected, something I don’t like, but until we see funding for the wall, this is how it is going to continue. The ball has been passed to you Democrats, are you going to toss it back or kick it away until the whole nation rises up in outrage at you?

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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