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Democrats Demand We Not Label BLM Protestors AS Violent, Then Do It with Trump Supporters

Democrats Demand We Not Label BLM Protestors AS Violent, Then Do It with Trump Supporters

For the whole summer, we had the press standing in front of burning buildings, tell you that while there were a few out of hand, BLM protests were peaceful. When people dared criticize and point out there were thousands rioting, they told us we were racist to label the whole by a few’s actions. Now that the roles are reversed, we hear a different standard: Why the sudden double standards?

What is worse, the Republicans, at least most of them, are running towards this narrative, rather then away from it.


The reality is this. We had hundreds of thousands of people who went to Washington DC to protest what they saw as suppression of our votes, violations of our trust, and outright fraud, or at least what looked like a fraud. Like the hundreds of thousands of BLM, we have an equal right to have our voices heard, yet we are being told by the left and some of our own leadership we don’t have this right.

This is a peaceful protest

What is more, the press has come to the point of labeling all protestors as violent, the very thing they demanded we not do, yet for some reason, they think they are entitled to what they are telling us we can’t do.

But things are not going to stop here; as we saw with the Virginia Kruta piece, this whole episode was not about Trump, rather it was a power grab by the Democrats to try to rid themselves of not only Trump but now are talking about doing the same with Trump supporters as well.

Another peaceful protest

We now have the Democrats talking about setting up a Truth Commission from the likes of AOC, but there is a catcher. It has to be set up on their terms or what they call “their truth!” Others, such as the legal counsel for PBS, want to go further. They are calling for reeducation camps, where Trump supporters are gathered, reprogrammed from supporting Trump. This is scary; this is what you would have expected to see in North Korea or China, sure not the U.S. To protect our children, they want CPS to come to take our children, send them into reeducation camps of their own.

This is not a recipe for unity; this is one that will cause a mass uprising and civil war. None of this matters to the left; they would rather see Trump supporters liquidated and done away with, for we are the ones standing in their way of creating what they think is a progressive paradise.

There are moves to attack Trump and his most vocal supporters because many of these are fundamental Christians; they are targeted. For this, they are seen as the enemy, one that has to be subdued at all costs. The groups that claim to be Christians but are willing to sacrifice all that scripture stands for to be politically correct; these people are fine; they are willing to submit to the liberal way, this is something sadly seen from the leadership of the largest church in the world to organized faiths that teach the doctrine of compromise, not what scripture teaches, to stand alone. The groups that are unwilling to give in to liberal demands, liberals will overwhelm them with lawsuits and bigotry claims for not sacrificing their morals; this is what the Equality Act is being pushed for.

A violent Trump Rally

Christians aren’t alone in this, we see this also going against Orthodox Jews, yet for some reason, the group that teaches to condemn homosexuality, and much of what the Democrats stand for, the Muslims, they are untouchable, can we say “Double standards?”

Reeducation and stomping down is not enough for the left; now, they are demanding that people who worked for or supported Trump have all their college degrees revoked, thus taking away many of their professions. One has to wonder, “How long until they demand this for all of us?

The narrative has to be pushed about how violent this was. With good reason, the left knows they can show nothing about the Trump rallies. It was liberals attacking Trump supporters, that would not do for their narrative, so they grasp to the one thing they can twist to fit their narrative.


I will not label this a riot; we have seen what riots look like. This was a peaceful protest, one where police opened gates, doors and allowed the people in. Sadly there were a few bad actors (a couple of dozen people), nothing was burned, one officer was killed, yet the facts of that case are still not clear, so it is hard to make a judgment call on this. While this was wrong, the few broken windows (something we condemn) hardly compares to the $1.5 billion in damages caused by BLM over the summer.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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