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Democrats, When Are You Going To Stop Your Trump Obsession And Do Your Job?

Democrats, When Are You Going To Stop Your Trump Obsession And Do Your Job?

We have all seen it so far, we have Russia Gate, Spygate, a ton of other “Gates,” the Democrats come up and say they have something now, yet nothing shows, they are off on their next merry little chase. I and the rest of America are getting tired of this, we are starting to see this not as an exercise of Congresses power, rather a coup where you can’t win by the ballot box, you no longer can win by the Supreme Court, so now you’re in desperation trying to case for anything possible to get the power back by any means.

The optics are always the same, Shift comes out from behind a door that has a sign saying “no admittance without security clearance,” he sits with his eyes wide, says he saw evidence that shows guilt without a shadow of a doubt, Trump’s days are numbered. We see the same now, the Democrats are now saying after the Trump transcripts of the call were released yesterday saying that the whistle-blower gave testimony that furthers their cause for impeachment.

We then see people like AOC, Cummings and others come out with conspiratorial voices, say this time we have him, yet every time we find out it is a lie, Shift has no dirt, Trump did nothing wrong, the press who pushes the conspiracies, one after another, never apologizes, just moves on to the next one.

There are now the never Trumpers, or in one case, a jilted Trump staffer, Anthony Scaramucci, who is now making his rounds on the liberal press, is grasping at the straw to keep himself in the limelight, sacrificing this for any chance he will ever be employed in any government staff again. The anger and accusations are always the same; the Left still feels Trump stole the elections.

People like Scaramucci, who is claiming Trump will not even be able to run in the 2020 elections, the left cheers, at this point, with the current group they have running for president, they know that outside of Biden, Trump will decimate them in debates, most likely will run away with the election.

We now have the whistle-blower come out and claim something not shown in the Trump call transcripts transpired, yet what most don’t realize, the people who take down the notes, they aren’t political players, they are bureaucrats, they have no coin in the game, to try to change a conversation would risk their job, they are not the elected ones.

Instead what the left is now counting on is a hyper-partisan player, who is a supposedly whistle-blower, is giving testimony contrary to what the CIA and white house notes show, they think they are going to pull in the intel director, get a different story, yet they won’t, but they will use this as a grand stage to try to say he is covering for Trump.

What is more astounding, the left is screaming that Trump used his position to demand an investigation on Biden, yet Biden openly admitted to using his position to halt an inquiry into his son. The left is not even playing with this, they are telling Trump, and we, the American people, that they are above the law, what they do to further their agenda is acceptable, we dare not question it, if we do, we will end up at the short end of their inquisition.

I think this is best summed up by this tweet in response to this outrage:

In the end we have a whistle-blower who heard information discussed at work, had no access to the actual material being made a material witness. I must admit, in any court of law second hand rumors are not evidence, they are rumors, nothing more.

Further, what was he doing with this information, it is supposed to be compartmentalized, first thing you learn in the military, the old WW2 saying still holds today, “Lose Lips Sink Ships,”seems someone did not get this memo. We all know how such information is supposed to be handled if you have access to it, so why is this being discussed at work outside of secure channels? Amazing how no one is looking into this.

What we basically have again is what we saw in the last election. A corrupt candidate, the left wants to cover for them, the deep state is ticked that Trump is daring to expose this, they could care less that they are doing the deed, only that he dared to expose this to us minions, the American people, for this he must be removed.

We need to stand up to this, I have heard of a million man march in Washington for other such things, why not put together a march to stop the corruption by politicians, starting with the left? March to demand that they do their jobs, not try to get rid of the person we voted for, let them know how we feel?

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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