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Democrats Don’t Care About Illegals, Only The Visual

Democrats Don’t Care About Illegals, Only The Visual

Willingly turning a blind eye to all solutions to keep the terrible problem with illegal immigrants in the public eye, the left refuses to do anything so they can paint Trump in a bad light. They refuse solutions, claiming in false piety that they don’t want to contribute to a bad situation, but the reality is they don’t care about the situation, only the visual it gives them in their attacks against Trump. This is like a person that screams about a terrible crime they caught on tape; they did nothing, did not try to stop it or call the police; how can they feign outrage when they did nothing to stop it, only videotaped it?

We have the Democrats screaming about the border, the way children and adults are treated, but what they refuse to say is they are the ones creating this by their refusal to fund taking care of these people. To scream about the reality, but then refuse to do anything about it, does not make it get better, you don’t care about the truth, you only care what the reality can give you in the way of optics.  

We had yesterday where the DNC on Twitter was screaming about kids in cages, posted a photo of them in enclosures, but when the GOP pointed out these photos were taken during the Obama administration, they had to take them down quickly, but not before the damage was created. We have AOC going in front of an empty lot, screaming and covering her face in shame, then had her PR people photoshop a camp where the lot was to give a perception she was visiting a camp. In the same way, she visited a camp, refused to tour it, attacked the courageous men working within it, then walked away trying to make them look evil.

When asked why they refuse to release funding for camps, camps they are screaming are like concentration camps, you have people like Rashid say that they will not throw money at a bad thing, but I ask if you are not willing to invest, how do you expect it to get better?

Image result for Overcrowding in camps for illegal immigrants

The reality is frightening; the Left could care less how many of these people die, what diseases they bring with them, how their coming here effects this nation, what they want are two things. First, their numbers to be counted in the census, this effects how much money their districts get, and how many people are assigned to represent them. The fight over the citizenship question has nothing to do with racism; it has to do with controlling how many seats the Democrats get and what type of money they are funded with.

This a two-sided fight, it has nothing to do with these illegals, other then they are being used to try to seize more power by the left. The numbers, if not distinguished between legal and illegal will make these illegals be counted as citizens and have representation, something they should not have, this, in turn, gives areas that welcome in large numbers of illegals more significant numbers they can send in the way of representation to Washington.

The fact that they are also using this to paint our border forces as inhumane shows the lack of patriotism on their side, they could care less about this nation, even if it is destroyed in the process, they only care about their power, what they leave to their children, they could care less, it is all about now.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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