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For Democrats, Election Day Can’t Come Soon Enough

For Democrats, Election Day Can’t Come Soon Enough

We have seen what two months ago look like a blue wave coming through, now look like that wave is fizzling and could turn into a red wave, for the left, election day isn’t coming soon enough.

Many of the stalwarts of the DNC are now in big trouble, you have the tapes that were released showing the DNC member’s staff laughing on how they have dupped the American people, and the voters are not reacting well to this. As of now, the GOP holds what would be considered a stronghold on 170 seats, the DNC is hanging on to 187 seats in Congress, but there are 20 seats now leaning slightly for the GOP and 14 for the DNC.

115th United States Senate.svgThe house is slightly leaning towards the DNC but could lose some races due to dropping poll numbers that continue to drop, I expect there to be one or two seat switching, which should give the DNC 199 seats, the GOP will most likely be looking at 192, that will then leave the 36 toss-ups at play. I predict that the GOP will win 60% of those seats, thus putting them at 22 extra seats, thus at 215, and the DNC at 212, thus giving them the GOP a narrow lead.

What is needed is to motivate the GOP to turn out, if they can drive in the number of tossups to give the GOP a more comfortable lead in the House.

The Senate looks far more favorable to the GOP, right now we are looking at a 2 to three seat pick up, but it could go as high as 5 seat swing, with the GOP already at a 51 to 47 lead (the 2 independents usually vote with the DNC), that means they will lose the margin they held with Senators like Flake and McCain that were unable to be counted on for their vote. With Corker and Flake out, Hatcher will most likely be replaced by Romney; we may be only looking at one vote that may try to work against Trump, the rest should be more than happy to work with him, thus giving the GOP the votes needed.

Now, if this happens, you will see true panic in the DNC, they will start to cast for blame, the fact that they will have had lost, what they, like Clinton, had already changed their letterheads, and measured the windows for drapes, is going to bring hell down on the leadership, let’s just hope it is enough to carry on through the 2020 elections. As long as our economy keeps going the way it is, I don’t see an issue.

So, 0censor predicts the GOP holds the house by a narrow margin; the Senate will see the gap between the GOP and DNC widen, thus aiding in getting more of Trump’s programs through. We may very well end up seeing another surprise as we saw in 2016, people aren’t going to say how they will vote until they cast their ballots, this will save them from the browbeating they would otherwise receive from liberals.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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