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Democrats, Like England’s Labor Party, Facing Implosion With Rampant Anti-Semitism

Democrats, Like England’s Labor Party, Facing Implosion With Rampant Anti-Semitism

The Democrat party, the one-time party that stood by Israel, Truman was one of the first to officially recognize Israel, in spite of considerable resistance from members of his own cabinet. Now we see a virulent rise of outright support of anti-semites, this seems to be coinciding with the rise of Islamic members and far-left actors that are showing us a whole new branding of anti-Semitism.

We have seen the same thing with England’s Labor Party, you had leaders like Jeremy Corbyn who was put in place with a wave of popularity, but deep-rooted anti-Semitism was to keep a lid on, once he stepped into power, this grew to a full-blown problem, one that soon had British Jews running from the party.

We have since seen a split of this party as just recently seven of their top members have left to start a party split off due to not only the rampant anti-Semitism, but the slide to the far left by the party.

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Today we see the same within the DNC, while you have some that today are considered to be more centralist within the party, such as Pelosi, Schumer, and Gabbard, although I am hesitant to call them centralist, they are all still far to the left, yet compared to the new wave of socialist coming in, they seem almost to the right.

The Democrats have counted on the Jewish left to give support over the years, almost taking them for granted, but now we are starting to see the same fracturing we are seeing in the Labor party over the sea. While anti-Semitism is not the sole cause of this, it is driving this forward.

The tide of anti-Jewish rhetoric unleashed in the Labour Party since Corbyn’s election nearly three and a half years ago is well documented, as is the history of Corbyn’s own statements from his days as a backbencher, and his past and present associations with anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers. But it is important to point out that this wave – and the unwillingness of Corbyn to fully acknowledge it and his leadership team to properly tackle it – are more symptoms of Labour’s current condition and catalysts of the split rather than its root cause.

The same thing is now going on within the DNC, you see the likes of Farrakhan that is highly admired by many within the Black caucus, you even had Obama who had meetings with him, but had to do it on the sly, then hide the photos least this association be known.

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You have the new wave of people coming in, with the players like AOC and her outright ignorant statement about her belief over the Palestinian Israeli divide, the almost childlike attitude her and her followers seem to have over a very complex issue.

There are also outright hateful members like Ilhan Omar, Keith Ellison,
Rashida Tlaib, all now being supported by the left as their popularity is rising within the DNC, one has to wonder, who long can this carry on and leftist Jews remain part of the party?

While we hear from these same people, there are anti-Semites within the GOP, and there are, the numbers you see are far, far less than on the left. If you look at all expert claims, they say that 6% of America is part of the far-right, but what is their definition of far-right?

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According to the left, anyone that thinks American values are under attack, they are lumped togather with the neo-nazi’s and other White Supremicist groups, but are these people they are lumping together anti-semitic? Of course not, they lump together the fundamental Christian groups, these are exteremely pro-Israel, pro-Jewish groups, but that does not matter, they are lumped togather by the press as being one and the same.

So what are the truth numbers? These people have coined the term Alt-Right, they are not part of the far right, or the more conservative GOP members, their leadership with the likes of Richard Spencer and
Jason Kessler.

Many have falsely been associated with them such as Steve Bannon and Milo Yiannopoulos, but this is just plain ignorance, Bannon has never shown any anti-semitism, and Milo is a gay Jew, hardly one that would be recruited or accepted by people like this, but it does not prevent far-left publications like USA Today associating them with these people.

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What is most interesting is that the GOP has never endorsed these people, Trump has gone out dozens of times denouncing them, but the press seems to have selective hearing, for some odd reason Trump can say it, and they will turn around and claim five minutes later he never did.

What is more pathetic, or sad, the left is still running with the claim of anti-Semitism and Trump, even though Trump has shown that he is the best friend that Israel has ever had. One should not be surprised, have heard the same stupidity against Ben Shapiro, and he is a practicing orthodox Jew.

But what about the far-left, they are every bit as anti-Semitic as the far-right, but their numbers are far larger. USA Today estimates that they and other fringes far-left groups make up about 8% of the US population, this means they number around 26 million, that is no small number, and compared to the far-right fringe, they vastly outnumber them.

But there is a more sinister side of the far-left, we see coming into this group the radical Islamist, they are bringing with them their fanaticism and virulent hatred of the Jews, thus these two unlikely groups are coming togather, each one using the other to push their agenda. This is something that has me worried, more so considering that right now there are 3.5 million Muslims in this nation, many are now actively being recruited by these radical groups.

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While the leadership of the DNC, both Schumer and Pelosi seem to be trying to head this off, the newest attacks by Rep. Ilhan Omar, her claims this weekend that it was Jewish groups that were funding her critics, then saying the no congressman could serve without first pledging to Israel has caused a firestorm again.

What is more, far left anti-semitic racist like Farrakhan are praising her, saying she is doing a great job representing Islam in the halls of congress, so how is Rep Ilhan Omar responding to this? By making worse anti-semitic talks, now is looking at speaking at a Islamic group with ties to terror this weekend.

One has to wonder, how long will the Jewish left along with the other more traditional liberals deal with this as the DNC seems to be moving from a slide to a sprint towards the fringe left?

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