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Democrats Gut Hezbollah Legislation, Once More Sides With Terrorist

Democrats Gut Hezbollah Legislation, Once More Sides With Terrorist

Cover Photo – Hezbollah gives the Fascist solute in support of what fascism stood for and their treatment of the Jews.

With the rise of control of Hezbollah in the Lebanese government, no longer is the government separate from this terrorist group, now it’s part of the government, thus getting access to their aid and arms.

Just days before the Iranian-funded terror group Hezbollah waged a terrorist attack on Israel’s northern border, congressional Democrats gutted legislation that would have halted U.S. funding to the Lebanese military, which is almost entirely controlled by the terror group.

Due to these ties, conservatives in Congress have been working on legislation that would have slashed millions in aid to the Lebanese Armed Forces, a force that has been infiltrated and controlled by Hezbollah.

This is a flagrant violation of 18-U.S. Code § 2339B, which prohibits giving any aid to terrorists, yet for some reason, Democrats in Congress think this should not apply to them.

Republicans in the House and Senate have been working on a bill that would strip this aid from Lebanon to cut off all Hezbollah access to use weapons that are given in support. At first, this was a joint work, but then the Democrats insisted on adding an amendment that prevents stripping all arms from Lebanon.

In addition to this, the bill would have isolated the terrorist group Hezbollah, yet this was a step too far for the Democrats, they refused to budge on this, the House, led by Pelosi struck this bill down.

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The House last week passed a watered-down version of the bill that leaves the LAF funding fully intact. The wrangling over the legislation came just days before Hezbollah launched a foiled attack on Israel from southern Lebanon. The LAF and international forces have been tasked with stopping such terror strikes. Republican congressional sources who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon accused House Democrats of standing in the way of a significant reform effort that could have forced the LAF to eradicate Hezbollah from its ranks or face a cutoff in U.S. aid dollars.U.S.. funding to the LAF has been a flashpoint for some time. 

As Hezbollah increases its force presence on Israel’s northern border and stockpiles sophisticated Iranian-made arms, GOP leaders in Congress have pressured the Trump administration to take action. The State Department, like congressional Democrats, has championed the aid, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo telling the Free Beacon earlier this year that funding to the LAF remains a priority. Republicans, however, view the aid as a tool to force Lebanon into ridding itself of Hezbollah’s influence.

The Countering Hezbollah in Lebanon’s Military Act of 2019 was passed out of a House committee late last week without key portions that would have conditional on U.S. aid to the LAF, effectively barring it from receiving money until it cleanses its ranks of Hezbollah forces. Outgoing representative Eliot Engel (D., N.Y.) sponsored an amendment to the bill striking all language that would have cut the LAF’s aid dollars. The final version now requires the State Department to issue a report detailing how the United States can stop Hezbollah’s smuggling of arms along its border with Israel.

The Democrats would not allow any Republican amendments to the bill aimed at strengthening its language, which demanded the Lebanese Armed Forces confront Hezbollah’s influence and confront terrorism.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R., N.Y..), a primary sponsor of the legislation, said that tweaks were made to the original language to ensure its passage through the Democrat-led House committee.

“It’s not the same draft as it was,” Zeldin said. “We would love to see that draft as it is passed over in the Senate,” where Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) spearheads a companion version of the bill that includes cuts to the LAF’s funding. GOP lawmakers hope that this version will eventually be passed and used as the template for any proposal that reaches a full vote in Congress.

“It’s one of those situations that as we get to the end of this current Congress … the only way a bill was going to move was to make a couple of tweaks,” said Zeldin, who emphasized his support for “leveraging the foreign aid we’re sending to Lebanon as effectively as possible.”

A senior Republican congressional source familiar with the backroom dealings over the legislation said that Engel and his staff “bear personal responsibility for emboldening Hezbollah, just as it escalated attacks against Israel and sought to murder Israeli Jews. They chose this exact moment to signal that Democrats will keep money flowing no matter what happens.”

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Tony Badran, a Lebanon expert and research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said Hezbollah’s recent attacks on Israel highlight the failure in America’s policy regarding the LAF.

“Hezbollah’s attempt to launch an attack on Israel from south Lebanon underscores a twin failure in Lebanon policy: unconditional support for the LAF and continued funding of the failed [United Nations] mission,” Badran said. “This policy should be discarded. The U.S. should not be sending taxpayer dollars to the Hezbollah-run state in Lebanon, unconditionally underwriting the LAF, or funding a uselessU.N.. force.”

We once more see from the left, as we saw with their attempts to appease terrorists under Obama, passed billions to Iran, money used later to fund Iranian expansion and funding terrorists on a much larger scale. While the left loves to say they are against terror, they aren’t, they find them useful to rid themselves of their opposition outside of the U.SS. These are the same people who fought Trump when he moved to keep these terrorists out of the U.S.

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