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Democrats have gone absolutely BONKERS over Gosar anime clip featuring AOC as a villain

Democrats have gone absolutely BONKERS over Gosar anime clip featuring AOC as a villain

Rep. Paul Gosar tweeted this anime meme video out on Sunday night, and now Democrats are furious, claiming he’s fantasizing about killing AOC.

It features Gosar and other Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert fighting the forces of evil, using his face as the hero and AOC’s face on one of the more prominent villains he takes down.

Any anime fans out there?

— Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS (@RepGosar) November 7, 2021

Here’s a Rumble version of the video, which will help you because you’ll have to watch it multiple times to figure out what in the heck Democrats are talking about.


It’s anime, so I don’t get it. But it just appears to me that, as I mentioned above, Gosar is fighting the forces of evil, which are Democrats like AOC and Biden.

But Democrats are pretending like it is some murder-fantasy killing of AOC, including AOC herself. Twitter has even locked it down. Seriously.

The media is piling on too, as hard as they can:

And let’s not forget Never-Trumpers…


Honestly, I don’t know why Gosar would create an anime hero meme. I guess he thinks he has a lot of anime fan voters? But the outrage orgasm the media is having over this is absurd. It’s not like Gosar photographed himself holding AOC’s severed head. That would be a true murder fantasy. And when that happened to Trump, the media barely covered it.

This is just a metaphor for defeating socialism (and probably vaccine mandates).

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Notes from the Editor

For four years, we saw attacks against Trump, plays fantasizing about killing him, claims of evidence that never existed, people like Mad Maxine telling her followers to harass and attack any Trump follower; the press stood by these attacks, said they were exercises of free speech. But now all this has changed, why is that?

The reason is rather apparent, the press, while Obama was in office, could yell that any attacks against Obama were racist, they can’t do this with Biden, nor can they say it is due to him being a minority (sexual, religious, or ethnic), so they have to find something else to stifle free speech,

Thus they fell back to their tried and true attacks, claim all attacks are racist, say the people condemning, or in this case, rejecting Biden, is white supremacy. Now, ask why this is, they can’t answer, but they know if they scream this lock enough, people will start to take this as a gospel fact.

We now see a two-pronged attack, the first, against AOC, that can only be violence, even though it was a cartoon. The second, against AOC, they have to make this a bigger deal, to act like this cartoon was somehow an actionable speech; thus, they can attack the messenger.

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