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Democrats In Minneapolis Show How riots and Anarchy Doesn’t Matter, Control Does

Democrats In Minneapolis Show How riots and Anarchy Doesn’t Matter, Control Does

We have seen for the last two months; businesses shut down, people put in jail for daring to defy the orders of Democratic governors, all while they released prisoners to make room for people that dared to go back to work. Last night we saw Minneapolis the city sit and do nothing as rioters looted stores, burned down businesses, and attacked both police and firefighters while trying to restore order.

This starts to make you question what these governors and mayors have in mind for civil society? We have the outrage over George Floyd, with what was apparent excessive use of force by the police. But something that had brought my site under attack, threatening emails and comments over the last couple of days, for I dared to point out, the police said George Floyd resisted the police when they apprehended him for checking fraud, then after he was in the car and started to be disruptive, screaming he was claustrophobic when the police let him out he tried to assault all the police. If none of this had happened, there would have been no reason to escalate this to the point it was.

I am not absolving the police for what happened, but am acknowledging if there had not been resistance by George Floyd, as claimed by the police, there would have been no conflict.

We see that Democrats will enable a group of people that feel they are victimized to attack others with impunity. At the same time, the businesses that bring employment and taxes into state coffers could care less about it. We had all these riots last night, but how many arrests have been made? Meanwhile, we have governors and mayors across the nations arresting law-abiding citizens for daring to go to work when the money promised by the government never arrived.

We have seen some armed citizens stand around businesses to protect them. This is causing outrage among the Democrats; how dare people defend their companies. They think they should be open for looting and burning to appease the rioters.

I once was banned for a month off of Quora for answering the question, “What would you do differently than the rioters in Charlottesville?” I explained that if I felt someone did this type of wrong, I would not steal my neighbor’s car, burn down his house, loot the store I shop in, and burn down the business my wife or siblings work at. I would go to the place you work; I would burn that down, burn down your home with you in it, then tear up your neighborhood.”

I went on to say the difference is more significant than just my response. If someone assaulted a police officer, beat him half to death, then came back to attack him again, and he was part of my demographic, I would not protest, he was shot for his stupidity. I sure would not complain when someone shooting at the police gets shot in return, nor would I do this if someone, while getting arrested, resisted police, assaulted them, and was beat up in the process of being arrested.

I found if I deal with the police with respect, they have no reason to respond any way other then with respect. If they ask you for your ID, you say “Yes sir” and hand it to them. If you scream “F@#$ you pig,” scream at them terrible things about their mother or wife, they aren’t going to have compassion for you or treat you nicely. Nor if they are questioning me, am I going to attack and assault them, I will cooperate and either answer the questions asked, or ask for an attorney.

They shut down my ability to answer for a month for a racist statement.

To state that victimization is self-caused will create a point of panic with Democrats, how dare you point out that if this type of behavior had not happened there would not be such an issue, all they see is the end, not look at what could have stopped it from happening in the first place.

A great example of this is the complaint from the Democrats that Blacks are imprisoned at higher rates than whites, but there is a reason they are over-represented.

If you look at the justice department figures, over 50% of all murders, assault, and battery and armed robbers are done by 6% of the US population, by African American males. When you commit such a disproportionate number of these violent crimes, you will see a more significant number then represented in prisons. These figures don’t include the 33% of the rape and the assault and battery done by this same percentage of the population. This is why they are disproportionately represented. Dare point this out, you then are accused of racism.

This claim of racism is usually met with the reply, “Truth is not interested in your race, your sexuality does not care what faith you are, it is either the Truth, or it is not! If you have an issue with the Truth, it is not the Truth that is at fault; it is your reaction to it!”

While I agree that there are victims, when you assault a police officer, if you are thrown on the ground and detained, you are not a victim. If you shoot at a police officer when being served a warrant, if you are shot, you are not a victim. If more of you commit violent crimes, and you are over-represented in prison, you are not a victim.

Today the left wants to paint certain people as a victim. They could care less if this victimization is self-created; they only see them as victims, the reason why it is not a concern for the left. We need to point this out; the Black community needs to teach their people to respond like the rest of us do, these situations would then come up.

Meanwhile, what we see is the push for anarchy by the left, it serves their purpose of teaching others they are victims. At the same time, this is happening; they want to strip away your guns to protect yourself and your property, then start to put people in jail, not for criminal acts. Instead, they dared to defy the Democratic leaders. The latter think it is their right to strip us of our constitutional rights.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


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    Everyone assumes America must play the leading role in crafting some settlement or compromise between the Israelis and the Palestinians. But Jefferson, Madison, and Washington explicitly warned against involving ourselves in foreign conflicts. — Ron Paul

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      I must say, what does this have to do with the article? Futhyer, America was asked, by Israel, the Arabs boycotted any talks, in trying to work out a settlement.


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