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Democrats Insult Trump, Accuse, Then Wonder Why He Walks Away

Democrats Insult Trump, Accuse, Then Wonder Why He Walks Away

I have always said if we could figure out a way to get the two sides of the political spectrums to meet, figure out a way to compromise and get things done, then we could accomplish great things, but this is no longer the case. The last week you had Pelosi and Schumer, in order to appease their base threaten impeachment, then try to act like nothing has happened and meet Trump on infrastructure. When Trump walks away, they play the victim, but what do you expect after these insults?

What bothers me most is the total disconnect from reality you see with these two. Schumer, who for the life of me, as a Jew, I have no comprehension why he would remain part of this now deeply anti-Semitic party, but he still is not only with them, but leading them as he and Pelosi make excuses up for their most vile members. Not only do they make up excuses, they then act like these people are just ignorant to how things should be done rather then call them out for their words and actions.

But there is more, you look at Pelosi, I am beginning to seriously wonder if she is suffering from the onset of Dementia or Alzheimers. She forgets what she is saying, who or what she is talking about, the date it is, even who is president, yet this is who is in the Democratic party leadership.

But what is the most surprising, is how these two can accuse Trump of things that he has never done, claim there is a cover-up because he has said enough to these endless investigations, all set to try to paint him in a bad light, hoping if they dig deep enough they just may find something. After all these accusations, they want to go visit Trump, expect to get things done, when they just 10 minutes before, at the white house, sat with reporters and accused him of something he did not do.

Trump is nicer then I am, I have always had a policy, if I have a problem with someone, I refuse to talk behind their face, I will go to them and hash it out. Now, when I was younger it did get me in many fights, as I got older I have learned to lessen my confrontational skills of friction, but still will not walk away and do nothing but speak behind someone’s back. I also, like Trump, if you do this to me, then walk to come up and act like all is well, I will walk away, tell the person that either deal with the issue or nothing at all.

This is a change for Washington, the capital of backstabbing, and back talking, they are not used to this, for years politicians would bad talk someone to the press, then get together for drinks and act as nothing happened, Trump is out to change all of this, leadership like Pelosi and Schumer don’t know how to respond to this.

The press is equally caught up in this, for years, as we saw with Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush 1 and 2, the press has become more and more political, they now openly take the left’s side, are not even trying to pretend any longer that they are unbiased, yet the prior GOP presidents, whom the press attacked nonstop would go to their yearly gatherings, rub shoulders with them, and for a night act like all was well.

Trump wants nothing to do with this, calls them the fake news, then goes to a rally, tells the whole bunch what he thinks of them, and does so openly at his rallies, during White House briefings, refuses to allow them to bully him, they are at loss of what to do, so reporters like Acasta try to play the victim, yet they have brought this 100% on themselves for their open bias reporting. Acosta has come out and openly stated that he is not only not unbiased, but also showboats and grandstands on purpose.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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