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Democrats Back To Labeling Everyone Racist.

Democrats Back To Labeling Everyone Racist.

In what started in earnest with President Obama, we have seen as each of the Democratic efforts to unseat Trump and the GOP have failed they have increasingly become more and more desperate, now they are falling back to their old ways, screaming everyone and everything is racist.

We heard for almost 3 years the glee the Democrats used when speaking of how they had the goods on Trump, he was as good as gone. Cummings, Maxine Waters, Nadler, Fisk, and the squad have done nothing but scream impeach, we were told by Fisk and others they had the goods for this impeachment, then the report came out, it was like a pin poked in their balloon, the air came right out.

If one can say nothing else about the Democrats, it is their stubbornness and outright refusal to face reality, they have switched from screaming impeach for collusion, then obstruction, now they are saying they need to do it for racism.

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The latest round started with Trump correctly telling the squad, if they found this nation so bad, go back home, fix up where they came from, then come back and you can talk. That was screamed as a racist attack, the left went into full meltdown, the press and congressmen with their talking heads on TV yelled that hate now was a grounds for impeachment, Trump had to go.

Then Trump said that Philadelphia was a hell-hole, something Sanders, the ex mayor of Phili, Obama, and others had said, but since Trump said it, it had to be racist, so let’s run to the defense of this once great city that the Democrats have single handedly almost destroyed.

Was anything stated by Trump incorrect? The city is falling apart, crime is rampant, if Phili was a country, it would be number 4 in the world in murders, it is so bad it has passed Chicago, another cesspool ran by liberals.

Much of what has happened in this city is due to the policies of the left. Philadelphia, when it was going through the riots, it was torn apart due to the mayor telling the police to stand down, not control the riots to stop their damage to the city.

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What is more, people in the city scream that there are no stores, pharmacies, places to work, but I must ask, would you put your store or business there? I sure would not, I know the city will not protect it, and if the people I am serving are going to raid, steal from it, and then destroy it, why would I bother?

There are no businesses due to they are burned out, people in the riots make no sense, they burn down their neiborhood, attack the stores where they live, many times the businesses they or others work at, then the stores close down, the businesses move out, then you hear that they are victims.

They are victims, victims of their stupidity. If you wronged me, I would not burn down my neighbor’s home, sure would not raid the store I shop in, burn down the business my wife works at, I would find where the people who wronged me live, do this to their homes and neighborhood, but that is not the way of these people in the cities.

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Much of this is due to Progressive policies, teach everyone they are a victim, never take responsibility for your own actions. If a thug is shooting at cops, and they get shot, it is not the cops fault, it is the idiot shooting at the cops, yet the left wants to blame the cops for not taking a bullet and talking sweetly to the thug.

If one’s neighborhood is run down, rather then fix it up, you blame the condition of your home, your street, your neighbors moving out (due to the large increase in crime) on others, never taking responsibility for anything. One has to wonder, how does anything get fixed? Or do the Democrats want things to stay this way, if you keep your constituents down, the will vote for you just to get more things.

I must also ask, why in the world would the minority communities in this nation tolerate this? If you told me after I had my wallet and car was taken, that it was the fault of people way off from me, then said that they would help, yet never do a darn thing, then say come election, they will throw a bone to keep me happy, I sure would not vote for them again.

**FILE** In this photo from March 20, 2010, young people run down South Street in Philadelphia during a flash mob incident that involved thousands. (Associated Press/The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Who knows, maybe the problem is education, go to the schools in Philadelphia, they are so bad that not one student in multiple schools could even pass the math test, the whole school failed, in some not one subject had one student that was proficient in any topic, and this is the progressive haven, a beacon to all the nation? Please, I would instead go live in a war-torn country, sounds safer to me.

Then there is Rand Paul, now the left is turning on him, and why? He said over the weekend, he would offer to buy Congresswoman Ilhan Omar a ticket to Somalia so she will “appreciate America more” This for some reason was seen as outrageous, but he never told her to go there, wanted her to see what a nation without capitalism looks like.

Mr. Paul defended the US president’s comments, saying of Ms. Omar,

“I’m sort of dumbfounded how unappreciative she is of our country”.

“While I’m not saying we forcibly send her anywhere, I’m willing to contribute to buy her a ticket to go visit Somalia, and I think she could look and maybe learn a little bit about the disaster that is Somalia – that has no capitalism, has no God-given rights guaranteed in a constitution, and has about seven different tribes that have been fighting each other for the last 40 years,” Mr Paul said.

“And then, maybe after she’s visited Somalia for a while, she might come back and appreciate America more.”

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But it does not, nor will stop here. As I have said, the stigma of being called a racist is dead; the left is like the boy that cried wolf; they have screamed this so much no one cares any longer. As a Jew, I know the horrors inflicted by racism, but I must say, like the boy that cried wolf, by screaming it over imaginary things, again and again, people aren’t going to care or listen until it is too late when real racism raises its head.

And this is a question that needs to be asked, “With the demonization of the left against whites, could it be they want to desensitize all people, so when they do try something like South Africa has against their whites, are doing so now, no one will pay attention?”

It used to be the Democrats were the party of ideals, of inspiration. Even if one did not agree with them, they inspired generations. Roosevelt led this nation against a conflict that spanned the world, Kennedy brought pride in this country, people willing to see what they could give back, today we are told this nation is useless, it is racist and xenophobic, even though we take in immigrants at a higher rate then any other nation in the world.

The Democrats are no longer the party of ideas, they are the party of subversion, of hate, of division, false accusation and racism, this is the gift they are giving this nation, the question for all of us is, “Is this a gift you wish to have? Or are we better off rejecting it and looking for better elsewhere?”

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