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Desperate Democrats and Press Move to Try To Dismiss Trump’s Rising Approval Ratings

Desperate Democrats and Press Move to Try To Dismiss Trump’s Rising Approval Ratings

Seeing Trump’s rising approval ratings has left some scrambling to try to explain this rise, doing whatever they can to draw attention away from these numbers. It looks like Teflon Don is at it again, the left with their minions in the press knew that a crisis with the economy would sink Trump, the only reason his numbers maintained the height they were was due to the economy, but that is now in a crises mode, a depression could set upon us due to this shutdown, yet Trump’s numbers keep rising.

You have VOX trying to dismiss the rising numbers Trump is experiencing. They try to flash over this and give credit to the governors instead. Others like NPR went further, moved to explain how this rise would be fleeting, that Trump will fail in the end as people will turn against him come election time.

People like Rachel Maddow is calling for ceasing to broadcast Trump’s briefings on the virus; the press has gone a step further, blaming Trump for the death of someone who found a fish tank cleaner, because it sounded like a medication Trump had mentioned, he took it and died. No one else in their right mind would blame someone for what someone else has done while self-medicating, yet it is the president’s fault if someone does this, even though at no time did he ever imply that such a thing should be done.

The press has also switched in just three weeks from calling Trump a reactionary and a racist for cutting off travel from China, tp where now they are attacking him for moving to fast. Sites like Saloon are attacking due to Trump calling the virus a China coronavirus, which is where it originated from, yet if you go over their own past feeds, they did the same thing themselves. Thus we see the hypocrisy of the left; they explain away their hypocrisy by saying, “If I do it, I do so because I am woke, if Trump does the same thing, it could only be due to his racism. Thus the need to go to any end to take away from the president’s approval ratings are justified.

PBS, in their now blatant bias, attacked Trump, said that his calling the virus a Chinese virus was encouraging attacks against Chinese Americans. Amazingly they completely ignored that he came out and said that this was from China, had nothing to do with Chinese Americans; the narrative is more important than presenting the news.

What is amazing, the press would have you believe that this is unprecedented, to call a virus from where it originated, guess they missed out the part of the Spanish Flu, Ebola, which is named after the river valley where it was first discovered.


Jake Tapper, not wanting to be outdone, focused on what Trump said when there was very little information concerning the virus due to China was covering their problem up.

Jake Tapper, why didn’t you talk about the spread in New York due to its health Czar telling New Yorkers to go to a parade, to celebrate in China town? Where is your outrage over De Blasio just two weeks ago telling New Yorkers to go to parks, to bars, to watch movies, that this virus was not a crisis, or is it only mentionable if a Republican does it

While the left is having a fit over the popularity of Trump, now debating if they should silence him as both Maddow and Columbia Journalism Review, which claims to be the voice of journalism, that is laughable at best, they are the voice of the leftist establishment, nothing else. We the people are deluged with this fake news and outright lies from the press, anything to draw attention from the job Trump has done to try to contain this virus.

While Trump continues to serve Americans, we see this as his approval ratings show. The press is reacting just the opposite; they can understand while Trump’s approval ratings are climbing theirs continue to fall.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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