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Democrats Move To Stall Vote On Anti-Semitism

Democrats Move To Stall Vote On Anti-Semitism

In a move that should surprise no one, the Democrats, after moving quickly to condemn Ilhan Omar on her anti-Semitism along with her other colleges, AOC and Rashida Tlaib who have not only openly supported anti-Israel and anti-Islamic attacks, they have gone so far as to go to organizations that openly support radical Islamic terrorist, but this seems to only draw a weak response from the left.

Now due to pressure from the far left, the Democrats are now delaying the measure to condemn anti-Semitism, moving to water it down more to appease their far left supporters.

And why are they pausing this, they want to rush to also support any calls against Islam as equally offensive and should be stopped? I may add, while Zionism, is about calling the Jews home to their ancestral land, Radical Islam is about destroying not only Israel but the west as well, there is a huge difference between the two. Also, calling out radical Islam is not Islamophobic, it is calling out a genocidal fanatical belief for what it is.

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I need to clarify this, I am by no means lumping all Muslims into this group, but if you look at polling, you will find that about 25% of the world’s Muslims support radical Islam, does not matter where they are from, and the more religious they are, the higher the number rises.

I touch off on this problem, the issue that comes with Islamic migration to land as the numbers in proportion to the total population increases in GUIDE TO ISLAM AND ISLAMIC EXTREMISM, I also in look at polling of Muslims not only in the US and other Western nations but of the world, in ISLAM – THE RELIGION OF PEACE?

You see that radical Islamic belief is not some fringe group like you have with radial Christian groups, those number may be in the high four figures or low five figures. If you look at the numbers of radicals, and I touch this in the articles if you look at the numbers that means that 25% of Muslims, which is about 400 million, support radical Islam, that is not a small number; it is larger then the population of the US.

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To be fair, one can’t attribute this radical terrorism to all these people, most do nothing more then support this in belief, but what you have is about 10% of these people give aid or support to radicals, and of those about 8% are taking up arms or working in ways to implement radical Islamic rule. These numbers seem small, but 10% of 400,000,000 is 40 million, these are the people willing to give financial and physical support of this, in turn 8% of them are willing to take a more active role, to fight or work aiding the fighters, this means we are then looking at about 3.2 million, this is larger than the active Militaries of the US and China combined.

To equate the two is not just silly, it is irresponsible, but political correctness is doing this to us. People today are so terrified to criticize radical Islam if they do they are automatically labeled Islamophobic, this is how far political correctness has taken us. One has no simularities with the other, anti-Semitism is a attack on all Jews, stances against radical Islam is not a attack against all Muslims.

What is more, it turns out the DNC seems to be fine with this type of thinking, but they know if they don’t at least give some type of lip service to this then their Jewish contributors, whom they count on for hundreds of millions of dollars every election, they may dry up their contributions so they are giving a weak rebuke, one that really means nothing, surely will not stop this anti-Semitism from these people.

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But the worst part is, you have liberal Jewish groups like Jewish Voice for Peace actually coming out in support of Ilhan and her racism by openly supporting #IStandWithIlhan, sadly these people would gladly sell out the nation of Israel if it meant they could push their liberal ideology on the world, they pretend they are representing Jewish idea’s, could not be further from the truth, they are far left liberals who happen to be Jewish, nothing more.

Ilhan and others that are with her in her anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rant, should be on any powerful committee, more so one that is directing US foreign policy, or at least having a hand in it. The Jews in Minnesota already have buyers remorse, why do we as well?

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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