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Democrats New Bill Turns Over Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter, Western Wall, and Christian Holy Sites to Palestinians

Democrats New Bill Turns Over Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter, Western Wall, and Christian Holy Sites to Palestinians

On September 26, 2021, Alan Dershowitz wrote in Gatestone Institute, “Just when Congress overwhelmingly defeated an effort by eight radical Democrats and one Republican to defund Israel’s Iron Dome defense system, several “mainstream” Democrats proposed legislation that is equally dangerous and filled with half-truths, omissions, and outright fabrications.

Congressman Andy Levin has introduced a bill called “The Two-State Solution Act” that purports to further the “two-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict… The bill declares that the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip are occupied territories and must be referred to as all American statements. It implies that the occupation is illegal and entirely the fault of Israel… Jerusalem is more complicated. The Old City’s Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall had been illegally occupied by Jordan between 1948 and 1967 and excluded Jews. When Jordan attacked Israel in June 1967, Israel liberated these ancient Jewish sites and opened them up to all. These are not occupied territories. Nor is the rest of East Jerusalem, which is part of a united city.”


East Jerusalem includes the Old City, the holiest sites of Christianity and Judaism’s Western Wall.

The Democrat’s bill violates the Oslo Accords facilitated by Bill Clinton, which considered the territories “disputed,” not “occupied.” On his way out of office, Barack Obama was the first to violate the Oslo Accords when he refused to veto UNSC 2334 on December 23, 2016.

The Gateway Pundit wrote about this at the time.

On January 11, 2017, the Zionist Organization of America reported, “…This resolution has absurdly and shockingly labeled Judaism’s holiest places, such as the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, as “occupied Arab land.” It has also wrongly labeled Judea and Samaria, the Jewish Quarter, Hebrew University, Hadassah Hospital and the Mt. of Olives – the site of the oldest Jewish cemetery in the world – as “occupied Arab land.”

“Quite simply, Resolution 2334 has turned the truth on its head. It has also attempted to negate UN Resolution 242, Article 80 of the League of Nations, and the Oslo agreements, which proclaimed either that these areas are sovereign Jewish land or that negotiation between the parties is required to make a final determination the status of these areas. Either way, a UN resolution cannot unilaterally decide…”

The Oslo Accords ruled that negotiations between the parties were required to determine the final status of the disputed areas; the UNSC violated the Oslo Accords when they imposed a pro-Palestinian resolution. The Jerusalem Post reported, “While Palestinian officials have welcomed the resolution, characterizing it as “historic,” Israeli officials have rejected the resolution, calling it “shameful” and “scandalous.”


UNSC 2334 rules that even Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall are in “illegally occupied Palestinian territories,” but this is incorrect because according to the Oslo Accords, the land is “disputed,” not “illegally occupied.” The Oslo Accords said that the borders would be determined through direct negotiations; UNSC violated the Oslo Accords by imposing boundaries.

According to the Oslo Accords, the settlements are not illegal. Based on the Oslo Accords, Clinton’s parameters for peace did not consider settlements “illegal,” and contrary to Obama’s anti-Semitic UNSC 2334, Clinton made it clear that Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall would remain in Israel, something he called “non-negotiable.”

It appears Democrats are up to their old tricks.

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Notes from the editor:

It sometimes seems our Democrat leaders fail to realize that Israel is a sovereign nation. No one in another country has a right to dictate where their borders should be, what city they can call their capital, or try to erase history to meet their political agenda.

The reality that seems to escape the left is that there has never in history been a sovereign nation called Palestine, so by what right do these people have to claim another’s capital? We hear that Israel stole the land from the Palestinians, but not only is this a lie, but the whole Palestinian historical narrative is also a work of fiction.

To say that the Arabs have a historical right to the city of Jerusalem is wrong; no Arab nation, empire, or kingdom has ever claimed the city as their capital. Further, the claim that Mohammad visited the mosque, one that was was built 60 years after his death, is built on a lie, something the Muslims there get very offended over if you dare bring this up.

In the end, what we have is a narrative created by fascists, put together by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who worked with the Nazi’s, later was aided in its creation by the Communists to try to strip from Israel what was legally given to them, told a fictional narrative until people started to take it as truth, this is how we are at this point now. The Democrats willing to seek the truth can easily find this out, but the narrative is far more vital than truth, don’t ever expect them to seek it out.

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