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Democrats Now Setting Up To Go For Impeachment

Democrats Now Setting Up To Go For Impeachment

Impeachment, the removal of a government official, this has in the past been done for illegal conduct while in office, but the Democrats want to change this, now they think they possess the right to do this just based on their dislike of a individual.

I went through this a couple of days ago, a group of Democrats and Conservatives were having a conversation, the Democrats informed us that Trump has to go. They further qualified this by saying that impeachment was the mechanism they would use, if that did not work then they would use force.

I thought about what they told us, then said, “If you impeach without crime, you will polarize this nation worse then it is already, this could set this nation off on a path towards civil war. But if you remove by force, I promise, you will have a civil war on your hands!”

If you impeach without crime, you will polarize this nation worse then it is already, this could set this nation off on a path towards civil war. But if you remove by force, I promise, you will have a civil war on your hands!

The problem we have with the left is they could care less what is good for this nation, the idea of patriotism is dead with them, this is all about revenge, they could care less if they set this nation on a road to implosion. They felt this nation was their’s, that Trump was able to win is still incomprehensible to them, in their mind the election was stolen from them, it is their right (in their mind), to take it back by any means.

You see the differences of sides between the elections of Obama and Trump. The GOP was not happy with Obama, but we never marched in the streets, yelled that he was not our president, nor did we think about attacking people that supported him. We know that if this was the case, then we would have to work harder to make sure next election someone that stood for what we did would take the office, and we worked towards that end, while our legislators tried to minimize the damage done.

Many of the seeds for this was started under Obama, with the rise of domestic terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, they felt it was their right to attack others who did not agree with them, supported attacks on the police, and all Obama said was, “This could have been my child!” The left felt under Obama that they had a right to resort to violence to achieve their means, they grew in boldness in implementing this under Trump.

Today the outright hatred of Trump has blinded the Democrats, they could care less about their future, the future of this nation, they have one goal in mind, the removal of someone they see as a threat to all they hold dear. Sadly they don’t view the GOP this way, many of them are part of this corrupt system, which is now making me very happy that any impeachment vote in the Senate or House has to be open to the public, we will know who voted and how they voted.

The left will not stop attacking until they feel they are justified to try to remove Trump from office, the difference between this time and the impeachment with Clinton is that mainstream press is completely behind the impeachment, they will back up and support any claim made against Trump, even if it is a total fabrication. With Clinton the press sided with Clinton and the Democrats, moved to shame the GOP, many of the leaders hid their heads and walked away in shame, the press thinks they are going to do this with the GOP now, thankfully the GOP is not going to react the same way again.

At this point the left has fallen into their Trump Derangement so severely, that moves to remove him by any means could send this country into another civil war means nothing to them, they think they could win such a conflict. The youth thinks they are justified in becoming steadily more and more violent to people they disagree with, one has to wonder, what do they think will happen when the ones they are attacking finally decide that they will not take it any longer.

There is one more point that has to be made. The left is now seeing Barr bringing in investigations that are threatening to expose this coup against Trump, I have wondered, is the left going to go forward with this, that way when charges do come, and they will, they will deflect and say the charges are due to them bringing an impeachment, not due to the deed?

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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