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Democrats Present Bill To Make MAGA Rallies Domestic Terrorist Events

Democrats Present Bill To Make MAGA Rallies Domestic Terrorist Events

Capital Hill Incursion is used to strip all Trump supporters from gather to support their ideas; Democrats want to label these events as domestic terrorist gatherings.

In the wake of the Capital Incursion, the Democrats have introduced a bill to make all MAGA rallies a domestic terrorist gathering.

Last week, there was a violent event that took place at the Capitol building in Washington DC. Though Democrats and RINOs have been quick to attribute the attack to Trump supporters, the actual evidence and video footage of the incident seems to indicate Antifa’s presence.


We can’t expect the left to care or even consider facts or evidence, though, so now we are stuck with the outrageous narrative that Trump supporters suddenly decided to partake in a violent outburst during the most consequential process of the election process to date.

Not only that but President Trump himself is solely responsible for this violence, and we are all expected to be indignant over it.

We are being told that we have no choice but to be outraged, blame Trump for the violence, and remove him from office is the only correct way of thinking; if not, you will be silenced by Big Tech for supporting domestic terrorism.

The justification for this? It’s for public safety, of course.

Deranged leftists, however, are not satisfied with merely silencing their political opposition, which is un-American. No, they want more. They want to see President Trump, his allies, and all 74 million of his supporters punished and treated like criminals.

Sound like an extreme exaggeration? We truly wish it was, but you can’t ever underestimate the utter depravity of the left.

We have people within the left who call for reeducation camps for Trump supporters; others call for CPS to come and take conservative children away. This is all for their protection; they may be brainwashed into thinking for themselves. Others are going a step further; they are demanding we be stripped of our citizenship and thrown out of this great nation of ours.

Yet they aren’t stopping here:

Democrats in Congress are currently busy drafting legislation that would make Trump rallies, known as “Make America Great Again” rallies, fall under the umbrella of “domestic terrorist activity.”

You read that right. Democrats in Congress who have been elected by our fellow Americans, are working towards legislation that would make it a terroristic activity to attend a Trump rally.

Not only are they trying to silence conservatives and freedom-loving Americans, now they’re trying to criminalize it.

How can anyone in America support this or even defend it? This is complete insanity and should never be allowed to stand.

Of course, keep in mind that these are the same Democrats who have supported Black Lives Matter and Antifa as they did billions of dollars worth of damage to American cities across the US for the better part of 2020.

In Portland, Oregon, these violent riots continue even today, yet there is no condemnation or anger from Democrats.

Yet, one incident at the Capitol building, which was likely Antifa, is justification to silence and criminalize an entire political party.

Sadly, our leadership has been neutered, the likes of McConnell are not supporters of the very people that put them in office, this whole Trump presidency, they want this all set in the rearview mirror, never to be seen again. If this costs us our freedom, so be it.

Bills are running through Congress where our religious freedoms will be forfeit in the name of political correctness; free speech is dead, you say Big Media quickly shuts down the wrong thing, your ability to speak your mind, now we are being told that daring to gather for a like-minded goal, one that is not in tune with liberal ideology, this is also a crime, one that will not be tolerated by Big Brother.


Our nation is sliding into the abyss; the more I look at what is happening now, I think this was the intent four years ago, only Trump put it on hold, the Democrats are expecting to run full force making up for lost time as they change this nation into something our founders would never recognize.

Biden and the Democrats claim they want unity; that is a lie. They are demanding submission, not unity, and are doing this at the point of a barrel.

Biden and the Democrats claim they want unity; that is a lie. They are demanding submission, not unity, and are doing this at the point of a barrel. The problem with this type of thing is that it breeds resentment, resentment breeds rebellion, then all hell breaks loose.

The question is, are we going to sit around like sheep, or are we going to stand up in unison against this tyranny?

Remember, moving a mountain for one person is a impossible task, yet for millions it can be done.

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