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Democrats, While Accusing Racism Are Racist Themselves

Democrats, While Accusing Racism Are Racist Themselves

“Racist!” The Democrats scream, but are we the racist ones, or is the left once more accusing us of their guilt? We hear today that the GOP is a racist party and some of the Democrats openly call for a ban of all whites running for office, you never hear such a thing from the GOP, so who is the racist here?

Demographics and Racism

America is made up of 70% Caucasians, and 30% other races, so the fact that we have had all but one of our presidents caucasian is hardly a thing of surprise, he is representing the majority.

We also have to understand that until the mid-1900’s America had massive issues with racism, but these have been done away with over the last 70 years. Laws have been struck from the books, and what used to be part of both state and federal law are no more to be found, yet we are still told that we are a nation with inherited racism, I say that is pure rubbish.

We are still told that we are a nation with inherited racism, I say that is pure rubbish.

We are a nation that went to war with itself over this question, and we saw the Republicans of the North stand against the racist Democrats of the South, fighting them in the bloodiest war the US has ever had, pitching brother against brother to settle the question “Are African Americans born free?”.

It was people from the Northern Republican states that went south, marched with the people who were oppressed by Jim Crow laws, and then walked hand in hand and arm in arm with our Southern African American fellow Americans, saying this was not right.

The Democrats ate their own and turned on a president who moved to bring equality and then when that failed to turn the tide they moved to change the narrative, convincing the very people they had oppressed for so long that they were watching out for them. The ones freed from the Plantation sadly went right back to it.

The ones freed from the plantation sadly went right back to it.

They have told the people on their plantation for so long that they were there due to the other side’s racism that the people started to believe it. They brought in things like food stamps and welfare, making generational slaves to the system. As long as they controlled where they lived and what they ate, they were in control of how the masses thought and reacted.

Breaking Free From The Plantation

You can control minds and enslave the people, but the human spirit will eventually break free. It yearns for freedom like we need sustenance; without it, our soul will loose what nurtures it and there is no other way to be, or we lose ourselves. It will over time recognize oppression for what it is no matter how nicely you dress it up. This is what is now happening with the Democratic party and our fellow African American brothers and sisters are leaving the party in groves wanting nothing more to do with this racist and divisive party.

You can control minds and enslave the people, but the human spirit will eventually break free. It yearns for freedom like we need sustenance; without it, our soul will loose what nurtures it and there is no other way to be, or we lose ourselves.

Today we see the Democrats in desperation crying out that the Presidental field does not have enough color, but should this really matter, should be more concerned about race then qualifications?

Image result for Jamelle Bouie

Democrats Blatant Racism

Ronald Brownstein of CNN wrote that the Democrats are splitting into multiple parties for these exact reasons. Joshua N. Zingher, with the Washington Post, ran an article that whites were leaving the Democrats in groves, he stated this was due to the slowing of coalitions within the DNC.

He went on to say that the party used to have very liberal groups within the party. They would unite with the more moderate and conservative Democrats and as the party turned more to the left the conservative Democrats found themselves without a party. They fled as either independent or switched to the GOP.

Then you have the far more racist side of the DNC come into play with Slate. There is an article by Jamelle Bouie, who said the Democrats were over white men and the next nominee had to be African American or at least a minority, thus doing away with the voice of 70% of the American electorate, and then she and others wonder why whites are fleeing the party.

This should hardly come as a surprise if you look at other articles where she is involved, you see nothing but claims of racism from the other side while pushing racist ideology herself.

The reason the party is splitting right now is due to its heritage of racism, but they still display the same racism we saw years ago, only this time they have shifted their attention from the black community and turned their attacks on the whites. What is worse, if their fellow blacks see this, they turn on them, calling them “Race Traitors,” along with other choice labels like “Uncle Tom’s.”

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Rejecting Americans For Foreigners

Yet while they are doing this, they are turning on the very core that kept them in power, the whites, who make up a majority of this party, turning their affections instead to the illegal community. They know they can’t pick up votes from them, but are pushing for all they are worth to rectify that. You can see this with the articles below.

Here they show how they should have been able to vote in last year’s mid-term and how this should be rectified.

In this article, they show how illegals used to sway how voters voted, all while ignoring the reason why Americans stopped this. Amazingly, the party screaming the loudest about foreign tampering with our elections is demanding to allow the very foreigners they are screaming over to vote in our elections.

Here we see praise how states controlled by the far-left are giving votes to illegals, how this is a great thing?

Yet with all of this, the DNC is ignoring what the average American wants, they are no longer the people’s party, they are the party for foreigners and the fringe. According to Hill.TV and the HarrisX 71 percent of respondents opposed San Francisco’s decision, while only 29 percent said they supported the move.

Ninety-one percent of Republicans polled said they opposed giving the right to vote to non-citizens, as did 54 percent of Democrats. Seventy percent of independents said they were also in opposition to the decision, and this was of California respondents.

The Democrats are losing the American people in a predictable manner. We know they will scream racism to draw the people they are losing back, yet these people aren’t returning, the blindfolds have been taken off, and they see the Democratic party for what it is, a corrupt and racist party, one that uses race to divide.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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