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Democrats In Red States Crying For Help

Democrats In Red States Crying For Help

One of the enormous problems facing the Democrats today is the possible loss of their current Democrats that were elected in areas that voted for Trump. Toss-Up districts looked good for the Democrats before the impeachment inquiry, but now the democrats that won are fighting for their lives, crying for the DNC to aid them, and are getting nothing in return.

Part of the problem they are having is from the backlash from the hearings. The polls are dropping as they continue and with good reason. The American people were told time after time there was evidence, Schiff came out wide-eyed and said that this time they had the goods, Trump’s goose was cooked; after a while, people started to believe it.

The hearings have changed all of this. The evidence turned out to be nothing but disgruntled state department employees who said they heard something from someone who heard it from someone else. What is worse, we then had one of these Democrats in the questioning tried to convince the American people that hearsay was better than direct knowledge, I knew at that point they had lost the American people.

Toss-Up districts looked good for the Democrats before the impeachment inquiry, the democrats that won are now fighting for their lives, crying for the DNC to aid them, are getting nothing in return.

The problem for the Democrats elected in toss-up districts is the lack of funding, this is in comparison to the GOP who are now flush with money that came in during the impeachment inquiry. In the investigation, the Republican National Committee reporting it hauled in $25.3 million during October and had $61.4 million in the hopper at month’s end.

In contrast, the Democrat party machine brought in a mere $9 million. At the end of last month, the Democratic National Committee was $7 million in debt and had only $8.7 million in the kitty.

Politico ran a story that Democrats in toss-up areas that voted for Trump are terrified with the money the GOP has. The GOP is letting the voters know how the Trump impeachment hearings are going and the Democrats are losing ground and doing so spectacularly.

With the DNC running out of money, they have no means to counter the adds ran from the GOP who are flush in cash.

As was stated by Liz Peek with FOX News:

Displeasure with the impeachment push is also showing up in the polls. While initial surveys indicated widespread support for the investigation into Trump’s commerce with Ukraine, the tables have turned. A recent Emerson poll shows 45 percent of voters oppose the impeachment push while 43 percent support; a month earlier, 48 percent supported impeachment, and 44 percent were against it. Perhaps more significant for Democrats hoping to regain the White House in 2020, support among independents has nosedived. Some 34 percent approve of the push today, down from 48 percent in October.

The Emerson poll is not an outlier. An NPR/Marist poll also shows support for impeachment dropping over the past month and, even worse for the showboating Schiff, interest in the proceedings waning. Only 30 percent of the nation saying they were following the proceedings “very closely,” down from 37 percent in September.

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Adding insult to injury, Trump’s approval rating has actually gone up, not down, over the past month. And, the stock market keeps hitting new highs.

In spite of these red flags flying all over the place, the DNC at this point has little choice but to push this forward to the Judiciary Committee, a move that will finally allow the GOP to call up witnesses and will hamper the DNC from silencing what they don’t want to hear. This runs the danger of seeing support for Impeachment run to numbers where all but the far left has pulled their support.

The Democrats will most likely vote along party lines to bring articles of impeachment forward, then they run into what is not a gauntlet, but more of a death blow, the Senate.

The Senate will not be controlled by the Democrats; they will be able to call forward witnesses, expose the whistleblower, and see how this whole thing started. They will call up the Biden’s and put their testimony in the public realm.

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In addition to calling up their own witnesses, something the Democrats have tried to suppress in the House, there will be no such moves in the Senate. Schummer is now asking for the Senate leadership to sit down with the minority and hash out what the rules will be. Maybe the GOP should return the favor, tell them it will be precisely what the House had, only in reverse, I wonder how long it would take the press to howl over this?

The Democrats are in trouble, but like a deer caught in the headlights, it seems they are unable to save themselves. They are caught between their far-left supporters who demand that nothing less than removal of Trump be allowed and the more moderates that would like to see the impeachable offense.

These two are not the greatest danger, the General elections along with House and Senate races are in most areas controlled not by the Left or right, we know that they are going to vote along party line, it is the independents. These are turning off towards the Left in a hurry. If the Left does not fix this, and I doubt they will, they could see more significant losses in 2020 then the GOP experienced in 2018 in the house, the Senate could see toss-up states go to the GOP, thus giving them greater control of their chambers.

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