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Democrats Say Toxic Hatred For Them Is Bad In Rural Areas Due To Racism, Take No Responsibility For Their Bad Policies

Democrats Say Toxic Hatred For Them Is Bad In Rural Areas Due To Racism, Take No Responsibility For Their Bad Policies

Steve Peoples, a writer for AP, is alarmed how the suburbs and rural areas have turned against the Democrats and their responses towards their message he sees as hatred, one that is racist.

In what is not unusual, the Democrats refuse to see that their policies are creating a complete shift from their parties and ideas, with the GOP now having record numbers of new people signing up with their party.

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Democrat leaders are at a loss why their policies are so hated:

“The hatred for Democrats is just unbelievable,” said Tim Holohan, an accountant based in rural McKean County who recently encouraged his daughter to get rid of a pro-Joe Biden bumper sticker. “I feel like we’re on the run.”

Steve Peoples says:

The climate across rural Pennsylvania is symptomatic of a larger political problem threatening the Democratic Party ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Beyond losing votes in virtually every election since 2008, Democrats have been effectively ostracized from many parts of rural America, leaving party leaders with few options to reverse a cultural trend that is redefining the nation’s political landscape.

He goes on to lament that there has been such a switch that purple states, where they usually can look at gains, places like Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania are facing either a loss of power, such as how the governor’s seat changed from Democrat to Republican in Virginia, to where Democrat House members and Senators are looking at huge losses in the other states.

Barack Obama won 875 counties nationwide in his overwhelming 2008 victory. Twelve years later, Biden won only 527. According to data compiled by The Associated Press, the vast majority of those losses — 260 of the 348 counties — took place in rural counties.

The worst losses were concentrated in the Midwest: 21 rural counties in Michigan flipped from Obama in 2008 to Trump in 2020; Democrats lost 28 rural counties in Minnesota, 32 in Wisconsin, and a whopping 45 in Iowa. At the same time, recent Republican voter registration gains in swing states like Florida and North Carolina were fueled disproportionately by rural voters.

Many legislators choose to retire rather than face defeat in the upcoming election.

Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper of Tennessee, who recently announced he would not seek reelection to Congress this fall, warns that the party faces extinction in small-town America.

“It’s hard to sink lower than we are right now. You’re almost automatically a pariah in rural areas if you have a D after your name,” Cooper told The Associated Press.

The complaint from Democrat leaders is how the party has neglected the rural areas, but this has nothing to do with this. Rural areas are more conservative; as the Democrats have shifted further and further towards the far-left, they have become something that people in rural areas have little in common with.

From a Conservative viewpoint, the best thing that is happening is the majority of Democrats are rejecting this; they are leaning further and further to the left, thinking that this is what is needed. While this appeals to the large cities, it has lost the average Joe, who has worked their whole life; they are not in favor of things like CRT, allowing an unruly group of people to terrorize a town, burning businesses, and looting.

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The idea that anyone has a right to take something just because they feel victimized is not something people in rural areas empathize with, nor do most of them even wish to.

The Democrats are now at a cross-road; two completely different ideologies are pulling them. Some want to see the party become even more radicalized, and others are trying to push the party back closer to the center. Only time will tell, but as long as the Leftist radicals continue to have a platform and seem to be directing the party’s direction, they can only continue to lose support.

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