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Democrats So Desperate To Win, Now Sending Mailers to Illegals and the Dead Asking Them To Vote!

Democrats So Desperate To Win, Now Sending Mailers to Illegals and the Dead Asking Them To Vote!

In what is a throwback to the Kennedy days, we are now seeing both illegals and dead people being put on the rolls and asked to vote for Biden. One has to worry and pray, “Dear G-d, please don’t let me die before the election, I don’t want to vote Democrat!”

We have all heard it on the news, the leftist media and politicians telling us that voting by mail is the safest thing we can do, that we are mistaken to think that there is any way people could commit any fraud by this method.

Yet, again and again, the evidence comes up and shows what a sham this is. 

The latest example comes from Colorado — a state that implemented statewide mail-in voting several years ago and should, therefore, have the process down, at least in theory.

This does not seem to be the case presented; in Colorado, we have had dozens of mailers that are now being reported that were sent to people who were dead or illegals, according to KCNC-TV.

If this many mailers have been reported, the question has to be asked, “How many haven’t been reported?”

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Democratic Secretary of State Jena Griswold defended sending the mailers to ineligible individuals.

“I think the key is that the mailing to encourage potentially unregistered people to register is not the same mailing as our ballot mailing. Those are two separate universes. When we send you a ballot or the county clerk sends out a ballot, those are to people who are registered,” Griswold said.

Here raises the question, if you state, Jena Griswold, that these people are registered, dead, or can’t legally vote, why are they mailed ballots to start with? Shouldn’t that be something that should be looked into?”

She goes on to further state, “This postcard, encouraging people to register, goes to people who are potentially eligible but unregistered and, you know, the mailings aren’t always 100 percent correct.”

Now, wait, they are not always 100% correct? Yet you want us to trust a system that you state this about? Am I the only one that has a problem with this line of thought?

Griswold said the list of addresses to send mailers to is compiled by the Electronic Registration Information Center, which is independent of the elections division and uses Division of Motor Vehicle records and the Social Security Death Index to source potentially eligible voters.

“Griswold says about 750,000 people received the postcard this year and she expects 75,000 of them will register to vote,” KCNC reported.

Yet once more, this raises the question, one that must be answered, “If people are here illegally, dead, or not legally able to vote, how are they registered as voters?”

That raises the question: If DMV records and the Social Security Death Index — which are both governmental entities — led to ineligible individuals, who’s to say the voter registration records are any more correct?

Additionally, what would happen if these people tried to register to vote? Would the process ensure they are not allowed?

This is why illegals should not be given driver’s licenses, and licenses should be shown to vote. If we do provide illegals licenses, they should have to show that the person is illegal. This way, if they try to vote, they will be turned away.

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