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Democrats’ true intent in calling to strip away our rights in impeachment hearings

Democrats’ true intent in calling to strip away our rights in impeachment hearings

In spite of a day full of lies, deceit, and outright fabrications at times, we were able to find the exact reason for the impeachment, which was to remove Trump. Democrats in the House, with Schiff speaking for them, said they could not trust the elections, they must remove Trump and stop any chance of him running for president, because we the people could not be trusted to do the right thing come election day.

What we have here is the Democrats are once more showing their disdain for our constitution. They want to strip away our freedom to have arms; now they want to tell us that our right to vote should only be in place if we vote the way they demand, if you have someone that will not submit to them, they should not even be allowed to run for office. 

The Democrats are accusing Trump of acting like a tyrant, but who is acting like a tyrant here? Trump is not trying to strip away your right to vote freely, and he is protecting your right to bear arms, precisely what the Democrats are now trying to tear apart from us. Trump has fought to keep our freedom to speak our conscience, yet the Democrats want that stripped from us if it does not fit into their progressive world view, they label it hate speech and demand it be silenced.

The good of the progressive world view is above the constitution in the eyes of the left, the only time they call attention to the constitution is when it suits their needs; otherwise, they deem it as not even worthy of following.

Here you have Schiff in his statement saying that Elections can’t be trusted:

Here is the difference of perspective between the parties. The GOP may not like how the election results turn out; we faced this for eight years with Obama. Still, we never said the elections could not be trusted, we sure never called him an illegitimate president, we just knew we needed to get out and do something to create a change.

I must ask, how long before the Democrats say that we can’t trust the people, we aren’t going to allow elections, or like Russia of old, only let one person run, vote for them or else, is this what we want this Republic to turn into? They speak of Trump as a tyrant, but they show their hypocrisy, they are the ones seeking to be tyrants by trying to remove an elected president because they can’t trust the president.

Schiff and the Democrats are right about one thing; our Republic is at risk. Still, they are lying about who it is at risk. It is not from us; it is from them, they are the ones assaulting our constitution, they want to redo this nation into the ideal progressive nation, something that would strip most of our rights away in the name of the common good.

Schiff reveals Democrats’ real intent in calling to strip away our rights in impeachment hearings, then uses threats of what will happen if we don’t do as he demands:

He is doing the same thing the Democrats under Obama were blaming the GOP of doing, he is saying if we don’t do as the Democrats demand, the Russians will come here to fight us. In the words of Obama, “The 1980s are calling for their foreign policy back!”

Things got worse, much worse, as time went on, Schiff ended up claiming if the GOP Senators did not do as he demanded, vote to remove Trump, then they would be traitors to this nation. Something that has never been done by a member of one house going to the next.

We have Hannity show us a clip of what Schiff said over his 3 hours of being a windbag and repeating the same thing over and over, seems to be he thinks if he repeats it enough times, it just may be right. He proceeds to say Trump got into the White House by cheating and intends to stay in by cheating as well (guess that is what the Democrats are now calling his 2016 election victory).

Much of this reminds me of Germany in the 1920s, the Germans, and the Jews there were faced with choices, they had one party that promised to provide work and protection for the people, they only asked that the people give up their right to a free press, their weapons, the people soon found out what they thought they were getting and what they got were two different things.

I have had many ask me over the years, have asked the same question myself, how did the German Jews allow things to get to the point they did, I was once answered by someone who survived the camps this:

“We Jews loved the nation, our fathers fought for it, our ancestors lived there for generations, we knew if we put our heads down, we would weather the storm. We said nothing as our rights were slowly stripped away, one small right at a time, but soon those many small inconveniences added up, In the end we had no rights, no voice and no means to resist, we ended up being led like sheep to the slaughter, and like the sheep, there was nothing we could do!”

We hear that Trump is compared to Hitler, that the other side is fighting for morals, they are only acting in our self-interest, to protect humanity, but Hitler said the same thing, he presented his case as he was the protector of German morals or their rights to live free, soon the people lost everything, found themselves under the heel of a tyrant.

If we give in to the Democrats we will soon find if they are given the freedom to do as they demand, we will end up just like the Germans and Jews at the time of Hitler. We already have progressive liberals calling for Conservative Trump supporters to be put into camps, remember, small things snowball into an avalanche, crushing all in its wake. When Hitler took power, he did not rapidly change things; he took one little right at a time, then when the people were unable to react, he acted.

I will be honest, like you, I am sick of the impeachment trials, they seem like a waste of time, but we must watch, for the truth is coming out after the Democrats have bored us half to death.

We leave you with the White House’s outtake of what they think of this, though this was rather funny, for some reason the Democrats didn’t.

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