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Democrats Who Supported Obama’s Interim Appointements, Now Attacking Trump For The Same Thing

Democrats Who Supported Obama’s Interim Appointements, Now Attacking Trump For The Same Thing

The double standards of the left know no bounds, in a statement yesterday, Rep. Jerry Nadler claims Trump’s appointment of acting Attorney General, Matt Whitaker, is illegal, that he has to be confirmed by the Senate. Of course, he knows this is nothing but a lie, but does not prevent him doing what Democrats do best, lie when nothing else works. The movement of appointing interim heads of departments until one can get confirmed by the Senate has been going on since Jackson was in office.

What is not stated in his statement is that since Congress passed the Federal Vacancies Reform Act of 1998, which prohibits the president from putting his people in charge of the departments until they are confirmed, starting with Clinton, then Bush, Obama and now Trump have put in place interim directors until their own choice can be confirmed. Amazing how Rep. Jerry Nadler never said anything about this before, for that matter how the Democrats defended this process until now, but now that Trump is in office, suddenly they have a problem with it?

See the source imageIf we look back at the early Obama years, turns out while he was waiting for AG Holder to be confirmed, he put a caretaker over the Justice Department, ProPublica came out with an article that defended his actions as necessary, now they are finding this is a violation? Why, because Obama is not in the o In the article, they go over why the Federal Vacancies Reform Act of 1998 was put in place, this was due to Clinton placing cabinet appointees in place for long periods of time, if he could not get the vote, he would leave them in without going to Congress, claim they were acting in an interim manner, they put an end to this, after this Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump put in place interim appointees, then pick out a permanent appointee and have them confirmed. 

What this row is about has nothing to do with the appointment, as you hear from the twitter link I gave, the problem comes down to interim acting AG will not say he will recuse himself from overseeing the Mueller probe, and he has no need to, there is no conflict of interest, and to reign him in to what he was appointed to do, find collusion, the rest is not in his directive, the left does not want this, so now they are trying to challenge if Trump has any right to ever put an interim in place, but this could backfire terribly, for if you can’t, and the Democrats win to say in 2024, the GOP could then demand that Trump’s department heads remain in place until the Senate has a chance to confirm, we all know the Left would scream and howl to the heavens over such a demand, yet they feel they are justified to do this.

What we are really seeing is the typical obstruction by the left, we need to make sure every bit of this is exposed and allowed to be seen by all, this way we will make sure the public is aware of the true nature of the DNC, thus ridding ourselves of their control over the house in 2020. We may look at the win by the left in mid-term as a curse, but it is really a blessing. The Senate will continue to appoint judges that will be replacing the court vacant seats with constitutionalist, if another Supreme Court opening happens during the next year, then there is no way for the Left to scream that the Biden rule needs to be adhered to, but if you think the Kavanaugh hearings were ugly, the next one will be much worse, especially if it is Ginsberg that is replaced.

We are starting to see the ugly side of the left coming out, it is only going to get worse over the next two years, the good news is all the people that voted for Trump are going to see this.


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