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Democrats turn on Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert for daring to Suggests the Capitol Riot Was a Set-Up by Them

Democrats turn on Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert for daring to  Suggests the Capitol Riot Was a Set-Up by ThemScore 0%Score 0%

Last week Texas GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert suggested that January 6 was a conspiracy set-up by the Democrats and called the arrests of the Capitol rioters “tyranny” in a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas on Sunday.

The East Texas congressman, who won his seat in 2004, aligned himself with former President Donald Trump and his America First agenda following January 6. Over the past few months, he has promoted the ex-president’s claims of voter fraud and criticized Democrats pushing an independent probe of the incident.


Gohmert claims that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was responsible for the protests that forced lawmakers into hiding and left five people dead (mostly protestors that weren’t violent), including a Capitol police officer who died later from a brain mannerism.

“On January 6th, the sergeant at arms had turned down, on behalf of the speaker, having the National Guard there to help protect the Capitol. Why did that happen? You think they were setting things up?” he said in his address at CPAC.

“We can’t let them intimidate us from not protesting. That’s what this treatment of people that got arrested was all about – intimidation,” Gohmert added.

Many questions need to be asked, but to allow the Democrats to run the investigation ensures the questions that need to be asked will not be, nor will they be answered.

First: we have to see why the police stood down and why officers opened doors to allow protesters inside.

Second: we should find out why there were photographers already positioned inside to take pictures the second, the people were let into the capital. Were they prepositioned with the foreknowledge that this was going to happen?

Third: why were flash bank grenades thrown at the crowd before they breached the security around the capital, was this done to provoke such a response?

More than 535 suspects have been arrested in connection with the Capitol riot so far. The FBI still has yet to identify 300 others believed to have committed violence on restricted grounds. “This is far from over,” said FBI Director Christopher Wray in June.

What is more, the federal government is holding these suspects without charges, or something as insignificant as trespassing is a gross violation of their rights?


Last month, Gohmert suggested “it wasn’t just right-wing extremists” in a keynote address to a Dallas conservative conference with ties to prominent QAnon figures after federal authorities repeatedly debunked conspiracy theories alleging leftist activists were involved in the attack.

“There’s been fraud in our elections. And some of us stood up and objected. And the Democrats went nuts,” he said, encouraging the crowd to “stand strong and not be intimidated by the federal’s using tyranny to try to stop us.”

In the end, the Democrats, the party that tells us not to question if you do, it is due to racism, that this is going to raise their ire. Thankfully Rep. Gohmert is not allowing their condemnations to stop him from speaking to the truth.

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Summary Democrats have lost their minds after hearing Texas Rep. Gohmert accuse them of staging the break into the capital.


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