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Democrats, Why Didn’t You React With Such Urgency When You Had Real Racism In Your Midst?

Democrats, Why Didn’t You React With Such Urgency When You Had Real Racism In Your Midst?

We all watched yesterday, as with great fan fair and drama the house on the first day they came back to work condemned Trump on what they saw as a racist remark. It did not matter that nothing racist was stated, it was the fact that the women criticized were brown or black-skinned, to dare to criticize them shows nothing but racism, guess in today’s Democratic world, if you are not white, you are immune from any criticism.

I watched this and was struck by how differently they reacted when these very women were making anti-Semitic rants, Pelosi did not sit at the podium with disgust written all over her face, she made excuses, said that Ilhan came from a different culture, maybe she did not know better. When Rashid said that the Palestinians aided the Jews in the Holocaust, which is nothing but a bald-faced lie, their leader was in Germany helping them carry out this, using Muslim troops to capture Jews, nothing was said, that was simply ignored.

We have nothing but ignorance out of AOC, claiming that if you don’t support her New Green Deal, the reason could only be due to racism, and then went on to defend her racist colleges. She went further, claimed the illegal detention facilities were concentration camps. She said that she was not referring to the German camps, but in wording, she mentioned the fascist, then finished with “Never Again,” it was clear this is precisely what she was talking about, yet Nancy and the House said nothing.

We have seen racism, but it is racism from the left. First, we have dealt with the rabid anti-Semitism from them, people like Sanders and Schumer, who are Jewish, but are so invested in their progressive cause, they will allow this to slide just to shove their ideology down the rest of our throats. This should not come as a surprise, the head of the Jewish left, Soros, actively works against Israel, works to destroy the nation he seems to hate so much.
I am amazed, why is it that these four women, who claim everyone is racist against them, have no one white that is part of their click? Is it that they are so racist that they can’t get one to join them, only ones to defend them after browbeating and screaming they are racist if they won’t? Look at Pelosi; that is what they did to her.

What is more amazing, the racist Democrat Party, which took weeks to condemn Ilhan’s racist attacks, put her in charge of the condemnation, then ignored what she was doing, instead condemned all racism, well, except for racism against whites, guess that is fine with the Democrats today.

One asks, where does this rabid anti-Semitism come from that these four women are unable to stifle, it even leaks out of their carefully placed façade, it is easy, why not take a look at what is presented to Americans and Europe in these mosques we have in our midst, one has to ask, “Why do we allow this?” Here is an interesting video from Israel exposing this, it is closed-captioned, but is very much worth watching.

It is amazing that this is allowed, yet you speak out against it, as I have, you are labeled as an Islamophobic, but can you imagine if a Christian or Jewish Rabbi or Minister said these same things, but against the Muslims? We know the outrage would be heard all the way to the halls of congress, but since it is against Jews, like white people, it simply doesn’t matter, it is acceptable in today’s Racist Democrat Party to be racist against Jews and Whites.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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