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Denver protester fatally shot in a clash between BLM and right-wing rallies

Denver protester fatally shot in a clash between BLM and right-wing rallies

Dramatic video shows Denver police swarming a Pinkerton security guard now accused of fatally shooting a protester Saturday in the city’s downtown.

The clip, published by the Daily Mail, shows the deadly gunshot being fired and police immediately rushing to arrest the suspect, who drops a handgun as he kneels to the ground with his hands up.

The tragedy unfolded just outside the Denver Art Museum after participants in a “Patriot Rally” mixed it up with counter-demonstrators from a Black Lives Matter response event, the Denver Post reported.

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Anti-police protesters mob rally supporting law enforcement in Denver's  Civic Center – Canon City Daily Record

The stunning video shows one attendee arguing with BLM members.

That attendee then appears to mace or pepper-spray the security guard — who had been hired by NBC affiliate 9NEWS to protect its reporters who were covering the event, the station reported.

That’s when the security guard allegedly returns fire, leveling a handgun and shooting point-blank the rally attendee who’d sprayed him, the Denver Post reported.

It is unclear which side of the protest — conservative or BLM — the victim had belonged to, the Denver Post said.

The victim was wearing mostly black, as do members of Antifa — but had a red, white and blue bandana around his neck.

Both the victim and the guard who allegedly shot him were white.

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Demonstrations in Denver in support of and against the police descend into  chaos - Internewscast

Police said the security guard will be charged with homicide.

The dueling rallies were held at the city’s Civic Center, with right-wing protesters chanting patriotic songs and giving speeches, according to the Denver Post.

Counter-protesters staged a “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive” several hundred feet away. There are claims by the press that there were Nazi and White Supremacist flags. At this point, no one has shown any evidence of this.

The press is trying to say the victim was a racist, but at this point, no one even knows what side of the rally he was on. Contrary to what the press tells us, there is no evidence at this point that any white supremacist was involved, rather people who are tired of the carnage left behind by Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

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