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DeSean Jackson Will Visit Auschwitz With Holocaust Survivor Edward Mosberg

DeSean Jackson Will Visit Auschwitz With Holocaust Survivor Edward Mosberg

Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson will visit Auschwitz after making anti-Semitic social media posts.

According to a Sunday report from The Jerusalem Post, Jackson accepted an invite from Holocaust survivor Edward Mosberg during a recent Zoom conversation.

From The Depths founder Jonny Daniels, who set up the call between Mosberg and Jackson, told The Jerusalem Post, “We are working with DeSean and his team to set dates for this trip to go ahead and are happy that DeSean agreed.”

Jackson posted anti-Semitic messages to his Instagram about a week prior, and posted a quote attributed to Hitler about how black people are “the real Children of Israel.”

Jackson was condemned by the Eagles, and issued an apology. Now, he’s taking things to the next level by educating himself by visiting a WWII death camp.

This is the type of stuff that should be applauded. This is the kind of stuff that we need more of. Jackson posted disgusting messages aimed at the Jewish community on Instagram.

Now, he’ll get to see the horrific WWII death camp with his own eyes and he’ll do it with a man who survived the horrors brought down by Hitler on the Jewish people and others.

This is a great example of how education can fix ignorance. Hopefully, Jackson learns a lot and uses his new knowledge to promote a better message. He made a gigantic mistake, and it’s time for him to fix it. The Eagles receiver seems committed to getting the job done.

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