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Destroying the Narrative Of Peaceful Protests

Destroying the Narrative Of Peaceful Protests

For the last two months, all of us have been subjected to the lies by the left. The politicians, with the press nodding in agreement, tell us these protests are peaceful. It is actors like far-right activists doing the destruction, yet when you press for evidence they show you one or two cases, say this is proof.

When across the US in major towns you have hundreds if not thousands of arrests in major population centers, the arrest records show that over 80% of the people arrested are with local addresses, the others come from neighboring centers, this not the work of far-right activist, that is why the press focuses on the few and ignore the tens of thousands that are doing the rioting, who are part of the Democratic base.

Here we see reporter after reporter going out of their way to show that these people, whom they keep reporting as “Peaceful Protestors” are anything but presenting them as. We have doubled the number of articles we are publishing daily, but Facebook allows only so many posts, we can’t share them. If you wish to read more, please go to the site and sign up, you will be emailed all the articles.

We have leaders within the DNC complaining that Trump is deploying security officers, then tries to stress that these people are peaceful, but are they?

USAWashington PostTime and other sites push the narrative about how peaceful these protests were, The New York Times switches blame for the riots from the rioters to the police, others, like MSNBC’s Ali Velshi ignore the rioting and burning buildings around him, report as if the destruction is a thing of imagination, the people roasting marshmallows on the burning building are simply peaceful bystanders.

Yet turn on their shows, show no violence, say this is the act of White Supremacist, yet look at the actual video below, you see no white people unless they’re being attacked, so who are these people? Or are they now saying Blacks are White Supremacists?

The true story of these marches, these protestors are anything but peaceful; they don’t want this to get out, the fact that these people are nothing but domestic terrorists. In New York, they tell the people that this happened no place else, and the Rolex, Barns and Noble, electronic stores that were looted, that only happened there. Sadly the people don’t care about the truth; they take these professional liars posing as journalists and take their word as gospel fact.

Look at the video below. If the protests were so peaceful, why is it Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, Seattle, Milwaukee, and other major cities controlled by Democrats have seen store after store looted and now boarded up?

What is the Democrat’s answer to this, pull back the police, tell the citizens to do nothing, if you act to protect yourself or your property in any way, it is due to your “White Privilege,” it is your racist attitude that pushed you to call the cops.

How long do they think this will go on before the average citizen starts to tire of this if they haven’t already. We see massive waves of gun purchases; people see the police being de-funded and disbanded, they know it is on them to protect what they have.

Yet act, we saw in St. Louis what happens, you get arrested. Oh, and before some of you yell, yes, I know the two attorneys work suing police for police brutality, funny how after this they call on the police to protect them. Thankfully the Missouri AG is working on getting the charges against this couple for protecting their home and property from people who broke down their gate into their gated community, then trespassed marching down a privately owned road. These marchers can be happy they did not do this in parts of Texas; they would have started shooting as soon as they began to break down the gate.

I fear, yet part of me wishes would happen so we could get on with taking this country back, which will occur when Trump wins this fall. If we think things are bad now, what we have seen will be a small part of what is going to happen the night after the election is done, and the leftist goons realize they will have another four years of Trump.

We have been told that cities will burn, which will destroy the economy in these cities. Retail markets will fail. They are already under immense pressure from COVID-19 related shutdowns, our once glittering cities could quickly turn into 3rd world hell holes.

At that point, I think people will have had enough, will come out in mass to take our nation back, what will happen after is anyone’s guess.

All I know is one thing, people are not going to put up with this much longer!

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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