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Destruction Of Our Once Great American Cities

Destruction Of Our Once Great American Cities

We have heard how terrible San Francisco is, the shiny city on the hill may look wonderful from a distance, but when you come into the city you see human waste on the sidewalks, needles laying around, vagrants and homeless people sleeping in the streets, harassing people as they go by, some of them being very belligerent as they do so. But San Francisco is not the only city experiencing this, all over the nation we are seeing once-proud cities falling into decay. So what is the common denominator with these cities?

I was on the internet the other day and saw a tweet from Charlie Kirk, decided that it would be a good idea to follow this up, as a rule, he is very reliable, but I did not want to start writing without the research in hand.

This is the tweet he posted:

I decided the best thing was to look and see what others had researched before me, then look at see who ran these cities. A great example are the cities listed before, the worst ran cities in the US, and how many are ran by Democrats.

America’s worst-run cities vs how many years since they had a Republican mayor: D.C.—109, Detroit—57, NYC—12, San Francisco—55, Oakland—58, Flint, MI—44, Cleveland, OH—30, Hartford, CT—48, Chicago—88, Los Angeles—18, Atlanta—140, St. Louis—70, Philadelphia—67.

As you can see, these cities listed share a common theme of having Democrats running these cities for years, but how does this effect the cities.

We start with Detriot, the last time the city was controlled by a Republican was in 1962. Washington, DC is another excellent example, the last time it had a Republican mayor or was ran by the GOP was in 1882. San Francisco had its last GOP mayor in 1964, Oakland since 1961; Flint was in 1974, Cleveland in 1989, Hartford was in 1971, Chicago in 1931, LA in 2001, Atlanta in 1879, St. Louis in 1949, and Philidelphia in 1951. What I have seen is it takes about 20 to 25 years until a city begins to suffer higher crime rates, murder rates spike, and now we see an influx of homelessness and drug use.

ccording to Forbes, the 10 most dangerous cities to live by crime rates:1: Detroit, MI, 2: St. Louis, MO, 3: Oakland, CA, 4: Memphis, TN, 5: Birmingham, AL, 6: Atlanta, GO, 7: Baltimore, MD, 8: Stockton, CA, 9: Cleveland, OH, 10: Buffalo, NY

A great example of this is looking at the cities with the ten highest crime rates, Detroit, St. Louis, Oakland we know about, but Memphis also has a Democrat Mayor, has been run by Democrats since its founding. Birmingham, AL, since 1975, Atlanta we already discussed, Baltimore since 1967, Stockton since 2017, Cleveland since 1989, and Buffalo since 1965. We can see with the exception of Stockton, all the rest of the cities have had Democratic rule since 1975 or earlier, and Stockton currently is under Democratic control.

Next, we look at the top 10 cities with the highest murder rates, as you can see, we have already covered Detroit, Flint, Baltimore, St. Louis, so what about Danville? Turns out they have a Democrat mayor, had a hard time looking back further. Salisbury has a Democrat mayor for years now, so has Gary, Chester and East St. Louis.

Cities with the highest murder rates per capita: 10. Danville, Virginia, 9. Salisbury, North Carolina, 8. New Orleans, Louisiana, 7. Detroit, Michigan, 6. Flint, Michigan, 5. Baltimore, Maryland, 4. St. Louis, Missouri, 3. Gary, Indiana, 2. Chester, Pennsylvania, 1. East St. Louis, Illinois.

What we have seen is a clear decline in cities after the Democrats take over. In many cities now they are more interested in supporting illegal immigrants then taking care of their infrastructure, they allow homeless to attack and harass the citizens that they are supposed to represent, one has to wonder, how long before these cities will rid themselves of this Democrat shackles they have and bring in the Republicans to see if they can save the cities from the inept handling of the Democrats.

The Democrats start off with great speeches, the problem comes with the implementation of their idea’s, one soon finds them severely lacking. My suggestion for all is not to put a Democrat in charge, even more so now with the new far, far-leftist politicians we see, the very ones that are ruining places like San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle and other cities near you.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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