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Diamond and Silk Expose Attack On Free Speech and Leftist Politicians

Diamond and Silk Expose Attack On Free Speech and Leftist Politicians

Yesterday in a hearing in the House of Representatives, the legislators decided it was a good thing to bring in the two internet personalities, Diamond and Silk;, two African American ladies,  American live-stream video bloggers and social media celebrities that have upended the left’s narrative, have spoken with common sense with an amusing presentation. These two have set the left on their toes, it got so bad that Facebook had deemed them a danger, thus labeling them and cutting them off from being able to present their views on Facebook (something they have done with more and more frequency all while offering themselves as a platform of free speech).


These two, along with the likes of Kanye West, are viewed as a significant threat to the liberal left, they are tearing through their narrative and daring to think for themselves rather than go by the mantra that the left demands of all African Americans. In hearings related to the ones that happened not long ago with Mark Zuckerberg, where Congress questioned the censorship of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, due to their size hold a monopoly over the ability to present idea’s, have used the power they possess to try to stifle any conservative idea’s and quiet down what they see as incorrect conservative thought.

It was out of this that Congress in further exploring the control and attacks against our right to free speech by the liberal leadership in these tech companies called the group Diamond and Silk, two ladies, Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson to the hearings so they could hear how they were treated by Facebook and other social media platforms. In these hearings, we got to see first hand how the left tries to manipulate facts and try to put words in people’s mouths to try to present a narrative that was never intended.

The first leftist person to deal with them was Rep. Jackson Lee. One of the most significant slime balls we have in Congress, she committed the first mistake, after first introducing into evidence items that showed Diamond and Silks view of Hillary and Barrack Obama she started to question these two, the best way to explain this is to let you see it, I don’t like it when people try to present a version of what happened, but cover up what is more important and focus on what is not to give their narrative, it is easier to just allow you to see the actual recording of the interview:

What I found interesting in the conversation is the statement that Rep Lee stated she thought respect should be granted, but to be frank respect is never given, when your a corrupt lying politicians that find the liberal agenda more important then the health of this nation, you deserve no respect, seems she found this out in a hurry.

While questioning over statements by Diamond and Silk (Hardaway and Richardson) she tried to ask why they lied in the on Fox when asked if Facebook ever contacted them on April 11, the two ladies replied that there was no contact when they were on the show, she then asked if they lied, then tried to twist their words to say they lied because they said they were not contacted a day before they were contacted. She tried to badger these two; you saw then a halt put to this nonsense when it was explained to this liberal loon that she was trying to put words in their mouth. When her time was cut off she then threw a hissy fit like a child because she was not granted any more time to continue her questions, as usual, she seems to think her right to grandstand was more important than giving fair right to speak.

Mr. Deutch then came on, rather than focus on the two they hauled into for questioning, he tried to sit and grandstand to make this about the shooting in Florida, attacked people who dared to call out the two kids who politicized the whole event, acting like there was no moral right to attack them, nor did they have any right to question what they stated or stood for. This was nothing but more liberal faux outrage, acting like he has a superior moral right.

The leftist members of Congress kept sticking up for the right for Facebook to allow what they saw as responsible reports, but none of them would address how Facebook labeled responsible or irresponsible. Congressman Lieu came on and attacked the hearing, said that the government had no right to regulate what news they present, the problem is he refuses to address that Facebook, Google, and Youtube have a market share that is at the point of cornering the whole market. Funny, this is the same man that attacked Sarah Sanders for presenting what he saw as Fake News, the same liberal loon that said he wanted to give FOX news weed to show them how awesome it is, thus showing his disdain for the federal law, a law that he gave the oath to uphold, so do us a favor Mr. Lieu save your fake outrage. Of course, this should surprise no one; this is the same disgraceful punk of a congressman who took it upon himself to attack 11-year-old Barron Trump last year

Then came Rep Hakeem Jeffries, who tried to start off his 5 minutes asking if the ladies ever criticized President Obama, he then decided to trap them on receiving money as payment from Donald Trump’s campaign. When the ladies explained that they never were paid, but were reimbursed for two airline tickets, said it was shown as fees for consulting, the ladies then proceeded to tell it is evident that he was well acquainted with fake news; they would not allow him to twist their words, then tore into him for him grandstanding that they dared to take advantage of the platform to make money, then insulted them worse by saying what they were involved with was a game.

I find the double standards, how these very people protected the Obama administration as they used the IRS, spied on American citizens, said it was for the good of the nation. Now that we are into the Trump administration, the part that used to be for protecting our rights are running hand in hand with deep state players as they proceed to violate the very rights they fought so hard to protect for years. We have seen a generation coming out of higher education schools that are so indoctrinated in the liberal mindset they think they are protecting free speech by not allowing it, fighting what they see as violent thought by using violence.

They scream that any criticism against them is either hate speech, racist speech or xenophobia, but they in turn attack with vicious attacks against the faith, traditional marriage, people who question that their narrative or ideology should take precedence over biological fact, seems the left has a bad habit of demanding you do as they say, not as they do.

The problem is people are tired of this; they are tired of being told how to think, how to act, what they should accept, and of course how they should ignore when their leaders do what they say they shouldn’t do, claiming it is for their good that they do this.

While the left feels their leaders should have a right to demand respect, they need to understand that respect is earned, it is not given, if they don’t like being put in their place, then don’t attack and show no respect, then when it is directed back at you demand that you have a right to it.

The left is pushing this country into a divide, seems they care not a bit what that they are doing, as we saw the Democratic party prior to the Civil war, the same party today will happily sacrifice the good of this nation, in fact, would most likely watch it burn if they don’t get their way. In many ways the left today reminds me of a petty and childish adult who in divorce destroys property rather then allow an equable split, their view being if they don’t get it then no one will, it is the same way today with the left, these people are so corrupt that they would drive this nation into a civil war then allow a individual their right to free thought, that worries me and should worry every American citizen, this is not the type of people that should be leading this nation.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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