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Divinity School Gives Prayer To The ‘Great Queer One,’ Then Goes Into Woke Madness

Divinity School Gives Prayer To The ‘Great Queer One,’ Then Goes Into Woke Madness
Audio for those who would rather listen!

Even Christian divinity schools are no longer immune from the woke madness sweeping through the halls of education.

When we pray, most of us know we are saying a prayer to a higher power, who has been dictated as a male character over time, although in all fairness, there are scriptures where G-d is also addressed in a female sense. But no place was he ever addressed as gay, homosexual, or anything of the sort; such a pronouncement would have scandalized the Christian

world and sent waves of shock across the world. But no more.

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Welcome to Duke Divinity School.

Duke University, as you may know, is a United Methodist college. And in a video from a March 22nd service, the Protestant school invokes life’s Creator with a twist.

“Good morning, the Holy and Queer One be with you,” a girl in a sparkly gold jacket begins.

For anyone wishing to reference her later, they list their pronouns:

“Good morning, and welcome to worship. My name is Caroline Camp. I use she/they pronouns. I am the communications coordinator for Duke Divinity Pride, and I’m ecstatic to see this worship space so full and so vibrant with color. Thank you all for being here at the first-ever Divinity Pride worship collaboration.”

“We at Divinity Pride want to create a worship space that honors and celebrates all of our unique and good identities,” she says. Caroline touts the day’s speakers and soloists, “who’ll give words to their experiences with the God who calls them.”

But she was not going to stop there; she then went on to say that G-d was the “Great Queer One.”

One has to wonder, did she ever read what the Bible says about homosexuality? Or did she do what Jefferson did, cutting out the parts she did not agree with?

But she was not done:

“We want to affirm everyone to be who they truly are, to step into the Holy One’s fire that burns away all that says we are not good enough. And refines us by the pentecostal fire to be exactly who the Great Queer One calls us to be.”

She then led the group in a prayer, having them recite after her:

Strange one, Fabulous One, Fluid and Ever-Becoming One
Do not allow us to make our ideas of you into an idol.
You are as close to us as our own breath. And yet, your essence transcends all that we can imagine.

Then to add blasphemy to the recital she goes on:

You are Drag Queen and Trans Man and Gender-Fluid, incapable of limiting your vast expressions of beauty.
Embodied in us — your creation — we recognize our flesh in all its forms is made holy in you.
With thanksgiving, we celebrate your manifestation in all its glorious forms.
Blessed are our bodies, blessed is our love.
Blessed are we when we celebrate that which the world turns away.

This is not the Christianity of old; this is something new, something not recognizable if Paul, Peter, or James came back to visit, they would not know what this is.

The most shocking part, we were told by Christian scriptures not to allow pride in our lives, which is one of the seven deadly sins, yet this is not only embraced, it is recommended for all to have an abundance of. But then the same could be said of sexual perversion, blasphemy, and the rest. This is not “Christianity”; this is a corruption of all that was supposed to be, an abomination.

What we have today is the Left does not only want to do away with Judeo-Christian values; they want to corrupt them until they are no different than what the rest of the world has. Christianity was founded to create a people who were part of the world but were separate; today, the Left is moving to make Christianity no different than the rest of the world.

This is very much going on within the playbook of the left. They first want to make old institutions corrupted from within, then take away anything that gives voice to the people; after this, seeing these institutions are no different than any other organization, they will do away with them in the name of convenience.

Anyone daring to resist will be labeled as the enemy of the people. We already see this deep-seated hatred of all things with faith by the Left; fundamental churches are equated to ISIS, even though the worst these churches may do is pray for you.

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In Europe, if you dare say what is contained within scriptures, you will be attacked for using hate speech. Preachers are thrown into jail or removed from preaching in jails under the laws, and lawmakers are threatened with removal from office for daring to stand on these principles.

We are seeing an all-out push by the Left to redefine morals, to take faith out of our lives. If this does not work, they then want to remold faith until there is nothing unique about it, they will destroy it from within, making it die out without a whimper. It is up to us to stand up against this, to let people know that they can live their life as they please, but they have no right to dictate our faith, morality, or how we go about our daily lives.

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