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DNC Declares, “No Debates On Fox!”

DNC Declares, “No Debates On Fox!”

In a move that is not surprising with how petty the DNC has become as of late, the DNC in an announcement yesterday declared that there will ould be no Presidental or Vice President Debates allowed in FOX in the 2020 election.

Personally, think they did this knowing this would bring a response from Trump, he responded as such:

The DNC says they made this move due to the beneficial relationship between FOX and Trump, but one has to wonder, isn’t this rather hypocritical when we saw the same thing between CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, along with the other liberal sites and their relationship with Obama and Clinton? Or could it be the Democrats, being Democrats, will not have someone doing what they are doing?

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But I think it is more then this, look at the candidates the DNC is fielding, they know if any of them gets in a debate with Trump they will lose and do so in a spectacular fashion, they don’t want this, they need the press to spread a narrative, if you let Trump have any camera time all he needs to do is speak about the economy and jobs, this is what America is concerned about.

The DNC is more likely doing this to prevent Trump from going around them and reaching directly to the people, they are already trying to cut off FOX. Not that this is working, the ratings for CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS are tanking, many of them are in trouble their ratings are so bad. Meanwhile, FOX keeps rising in the ratings, the left knows they are in trouble, so they are desperate to spin the story any way they can.

What America is going to see is once more the DNC is showing their pettiness, like children they are throwing a tantrum when people will not give in to their demands. As I wrote in THE DEMOCRATS, FROM ROOSEVELT TO TODAY, the party that once brought greats, such as, JFK and Roosevelt has turned into a petty childish band of lunatics.

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