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DNC Memo Comes Out

DNC Memo Comes Out

Not willing to be outdone, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and the DNC set up a showdown in what they said would refute what the GOP had put out with the Nunez Memo, there now released the “Correcting The Record – The Russian Investigation,” but turns out in spite of all the hype that it would refute 100% of what the GOP memo stated, if anything it further gave confirmation to it.

The Memo from the DNC starts off with:

But then further on with their rebuttal, they state:

Here is the first of many inconsistencies and outright lies. In a warrant from the FISA courts they have a right to not only go through present but past intercepts, these are all held by the government, but supposedly they can’t go through them without a warrant. In other words, every text message, every phone call, every email, social network post or tweet you have sent are all recorded and stored by the government, when data is needed the warrant just enables them to gather this material that is already registered.

When you have issued such a warrant the records, in this case, Page, all his data was collected, including any emails, phone conversations, personal conversations he would have had with Trump or any of his campaign staff. What you have was an excuse here to go through a back door channel to gather all information you could about Trump, Page was the convenient door you would open doing this.

The problem I have with all of this is first, if he is guilty, and they keep saying he is, then why no charges, they claim this has been ongoing for years, is there a right to spy on anyone if you for years find nothing, so you just continue this indefinitely? This gross overreach from the government is frightening from a civil liberties issue, sure not what our founding fathers intended when they penned the constitution.

In their opening statement they claim that the memo is highly misleading, but then at no time do they show where. They come in at the time and claim that the background data is what obtained the warrant, but at no time do they explain then how the data was rejected in two warrants, this would have been background data, then they go on to admit that the dossier was included, this is the only factor that changed from the other warrants that were rejected.

Further, if you watch Fisk earlier in congressional hearings, he stages vast talks about the dossier, then suddenly he now says it had little or no bearing on the warrant? No wonder why no one trusts these people, they do nothing but speak out of both sides of their neck.

They go on further to state in their investigations this:

But if there was any information that any illegal activities were done, why can’t they show them. While I will admit that Papadopoulos revealed a personal link to Russia was improper, if he had, but at this point, I doubt anything the left tells us. He goes on to make an assertation that has little or no bases in facts, that it was Russia that anonymously released the emails, even the head of Obama’s Intel agencies when questioned said while they believed the Russians did this, there was no concrete proof concerning this. In other words, Fisk was treating rumor as fact and posting it as if the evidence was there. If it was, then show the proof.

When the same question was asked of Feinstein stated the same (found it funny the storm that f0llowed, guess now the DNC will not endorse her for her seat again, how dare she not lie like the rest of them were doing!)

In the end, I think the whole memo from the DNC was never intended to be released; they had hoped if they released enough classified data with it Trump would halt the release, then they could scream to their followers that Trump was afraid to have it published because it was too damaging to him. Trump seems to have had seen what their intent was, said that releasing the memo, one I may add was so filled with classified material that there was a bunch of content blacked out, but he had it published regardless. 

What we have are redirections, trying to make a case for guilt but being unable to show anything. Further, the admittance that a dossier was used, one that has never been collaborated and is seen as nothing as fiction is a total breakdown of how things are supposed to be done, even worse when you find out that even this memo admits was never disclosed it was funded by the DNC and Clinton campaign, if they would have included this information it is highly unlikely that any warrant would have ever been given. 

In conclusion, there are problems with the memo itself, in it, they treat accusations and suspicions as statements of guilt, that is not now nor has ever been the case. There is a total disconnect from the truth, this is more a political narrative than a statement of fact. This is nothing but a total fraud, it is as bad as the DNC claiming that somehow the GOP memo was going to put at risk our national security, then it comes out, there is nothing on it that could have affected anything in any way. 


“When you’re dealing with frauds and liars, listen more to what they don’t say than what they do.” 
― DaShanne Stokes
If you wish to look at the memo itself, please click HERE.

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