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Do We Live In A Society That Practices Systemic Racism?

Do We Live In A Society That Practices Systemic Racism?

We have heard the narrative that police have declared war on the African American Community; others say there is genocide by the police against the African American people, but is this true, or is this another lie to push the liberal ideology on the rest of us, to browbeat us into submitting to their claims.

To look at these claims, first, we have to look at how the press has tracked deaths, see what is justified and not.

A great example are the deaths of unarmed African Americans, we hear daily now that even if you are unarmed, you are in danger of being killed by the police, but is this true?

In 2019 there were 1,004 fatalities by police, of those there were 802 cases where the race of the police and suspect were noted, and of those 371 of the people killed were white, 236 were black, almost all of the people were armed, either firing on the police or refused to drop their weapons. African American suspects were far more likely to have a weapon then white ones were.

As we can see from this figure, whites are killed in more significant numbers, yet more blacks were armed then whites, it would then make sense that more blacks would have been killed if there was such a systematic racist bend in the police force, but it turns out this is not true.

Further, when you are firing on police, and you get shot, you are not the victim of racism, your race has nothing to do with this. Instead, it is the fact that you were firing on the police, yet this is ignored by the people spewing this claim of racism.

As was stated in the article below, this is from the Washington Post findings, there were 10 cases where an unarmed African American was shot, of these, there were nine men and one woman.

You had one shot after using a taser on a police officer, another on a drug was naked in a house he broke into, assaulted the police, and kept coming after being tased. Two were shot when using their vehicles to either try to run over police at high speed or caught an officer in the door and tried to drag them along. A woman was shot after she had a gun and then dropped it, but seeing her have it as they came up, she was shot, and that officer is under indictment. Another told the police he was armed, had done this in the past, when the police came in, to free the hostages he held, believing him because of history they shot him.

What we see here is not a case of genocide, as is being claimed today, we have instances where the police were attacked, people brandished a gun, dropped it and were shot when the police came in (they had no means of knowing if the weapon was still held or lost. Others claim to have guns, had carried off police in the past with them, were shot for lying. Yet this is what is shown as cases of shooting unarmed men.

This is not what this is; there was one case where there should not have been a shooting, the rest were justified. In the same space, you have this much more with whites, but whites don’t riot. They figure if a person is stupid enough to shoot at cops, fight with them and take their taser, shock the police, they are getting shot for their stupidity. When you beat up a cop, then come back for seconds, you have no right to claim victimhood when you are shot due to your folly.

In total, there were ten deaths, all but four were justified, only four were under question, 2 of those had charges pressed.

We see the Ferguson effect, where police are more likely to hesitate if confronted with an African American then shoot.

But further, why is there no protest when there are tens of thousands killed by fellow blacks? Or is this a narrative that is being used by a group of people trying to seize power, who are using the media to manipulate the people, drive this nation into anarchy so they can claim they are saving this nation from ourselves?

One could add further the stats from the Department of Justice. They show the crimes committed by African American males versus the rest of the US population. You start to see why African American males are over-represented in prison and are doing more severe crimes than others.

What about prison statistics that are a little trickier? The reason for this is that you have to take recidivism and the severity of crimes, which will affect a demographic due to more severe crimes serving a longer sentence. First, 69% of all arrests are with white people, but does that show a higher allowance because they are white? Not really, when you make up about 74% of the population, that figure should be about right, but what about violent crimes? According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics for 2017, the statistics are as follows:

 All RacesWhites and Hispanics (includes White Hispanics)African Americans, (includes black Hispanics)
Murder and Nonnegligent Manslaughter10,3514,9555,138
Forcible Rape15,57110,0385,030
Aggravated Assault352,017223,426116,984
Population240.16 million192.319 million30.971 million

As you can see, the White or Caucasians have six times the population as the African Americans. Yet, the African Americans commit 60% of the crimes that the white society does, if you looked at this in typical statistics you would expect them to commit around 12% keep in their percentage of the population, so is having a more significant percentage of blacks in a portion of their population showing racism in our justice or society? Of course not, they are committing far more violent crimes about their community than the white people. The sentencing for forcible rape or murder is considerably longer than say for white-collar crimes.

Even if you look at the murder rates, the time served for this is an average of 20.4 years according to the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics, the average for all other crimes is just four years 11 months. If you consider that the black population is committing close to 55% of all murders, making up only 6% of the U.S. population. It stands to reason that these numbers would skew the numbers for the total population in prison due to the seriousness of the crime.

In the past, I would have said no way, but I saw for the last couple of months, Americans were willing to be led like sheep by a narrative that they had no choice but to give up civil liberties to be safe, is it that far of a reach to see that this is continuing?

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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