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Don Lemon And CNN Call Trump Supporters illiterate ‘credulous rubes’

Don Lemon And CNN Call Trump Supporters illiterate ‘credulous rubes’

In what should not be a surprise from the network that can’t figure out why its ratings are almost none existent, people are turning from the program, the only reason it is on the air is due to charity handed to it from other networks, they now have sunk to a new low, mocking all Trump supporters.

Last night in a moment of smugness Don Lemon, with his guest proceeded to mock every supporter of Trump as being uneducated, illiterate, basically the claim of deplorable’s was made all over again.

On Monday night, a CNN Panel is facing intense backlash for mocking Trump Supporters as “Credulous boomer rubes,” an attack that quickly sparked fierce condemnation from President Trump and his campaign.

The panel, which originally aired on Saturday night during special live coverage of the impeachment trial, featured CNN anchor Don Lemon, New York Times columnist and CNN contributor Wajahat Ali, and ex-GOP strategist Rick Wilson discussing the heated exchange Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had with an NPR reporter, where he allegedly challenged the journalist to point out Ukraine on a blank map.

Wilson used the topic to mock President Trump as well as his supporters.

“[Pompeo] also knows deep within his heart that Donald Trump couldn’t find Ukraine on a map if you had the letter U and a picture of an actual physical crane next to it,” Wilson began, causing Lemon to chuckle. “He knows that this is, you know, an administration defined by ignorance of the world. And so that’s partly him playing to the base and playing to their audience. You know, the credulous boomer rube demo that backs Donald Trump.”

As Lemon began crying with tears of laughter, Wilson went on to depict what he thought a typical Trump supporter sounded like.

“‘Donald Trump’s the smart one- any y’all elitists are dumb!'” Wilson said with a heavy southern accent.

“‘You elitists with your geography and your maps- and your spelling!'” Ali chimed in during the mockery.

“‘Your math and your reading!'” Wilson added. “‘All those lines on the map!'”DON LEMON AND CNN CALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS ILLITERATE ‘CREDULOUS RUBES'”‘Your math and your reading!'” Wilson added. “‘All those lines on the map!'”

The CNN anchor almost lost his breath from laughing, wiping tears from his eyes with a tissue.

“That was good,” Lemon reacted. “That was a good one. I needed that.”

The clip was spotted by former CNN digital producer Steve Krakauer, who blasted the panel.

“The arrogance, the divisiveness, the smug cackling, the accents,” Krakauer reacted. “If Donald Trump wins re-election this year, I’ll remember this brief CNN segment late one Saturday night in January as the perfect encapsulation for why it happened.”

Trump correctly commented on this by calling Lemon the “Dumbest Man in America!”

“Deplorables. This Deplorable is ready,” Trump campaign director Brad Parscale shot back with a flexing arm emoji.

“This is a real segment from an actual program on a cable news network that asks to be taken seriously. Not subtle message to huge parts of America: THEY HATE YOU,” Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh wrote.

“The media hardly ever hides their contempt for @realDonaldTrump supporters but this clip is featuring CNN’s @donlemon, The New York Times’ @WajahatAli, and @TheRickWilson is ludicrous. This is one of the most offensive segments I’ve seen in a while,” GOP rapid response director Steve Guest reacted.

“The smug political class hates the tens of millions of Americans who comprise our movement. They can cackle and grandstand…as we build a country based on sovereignty, economic nationalism, and the diffusion of power,” former CNN commentator Steve Cortes reacted.

“This isn’t disdain or disagreement. What Wajahat, Don, & Rick showed was a disrespect, hatred, & mockery for their fellow man who disagree. I don’t want to hear @JakeTapper, @AndersonCooper, @BrianStelter, @ChrisCuomo, or anyone on @CNN lecture about their higher level of decency,” NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck wrote.

Lemon, who now is under lawsuit for sexual harassment, still is attacking from his supposed moral superiority. These people complain that their ratings are falling, blame Trump and his supporters, yet it is their blind hatred of Trump. How they despise anyone that dared to vote for him is what is doing this.

At this point I don’t care, let them continue down this blind path until CNN is no more, I think a lot of people would be thankful, their garbage will no longer be force-fed to travelers or our children in schools.

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


  1. Jackie

    Don Lemon and his ilk are simply the lowest form of life, maggots, the shit of humanity.

  2. Orbit Zero

    Well there is one thing I do know….other than Lemongiveshead is nothing but a drunken li9felong alcoholic….I look in the mirror I see what I see….now twinkle toes your turn…take a good look into the mirror what do YOU see? Right I see the same thing you see….after that look and see I’
    m proud to be called a Credulous boomer rubes….want me to say what I saw in YOUR mirror…I don’t have to because you already know….you cupcake.

  3. Sheila Nash

    Let them all keep speaking-laughing-mocking- It is almost a pleasure- they are all making their point- and it come out clear and loud- Let them speak- ——- Then WE VOTE———
    – Our own voices and votes are far stronger than any of their choice words.

  4. Wellman

    What a dumb sob and that why cnn stands for communist news network
    I deleted from my tv.

  5. Cheryl

    We’ll have the last laugh.

  6. Jessie

    It’s obvious that this article was written by two different people. All but the first and last paragraphs of this article were written by one person (possibly plagiarized by the author?), while the opening and closing paragraphs were written by someone with a 4th grade, “D” average grasp of grammar and sentence structure, going a long way in supporting the argument of “illiterate credulous rube”. If you’re going to argue that something isn’t true, don’t present supportive evidence in your argument.

    • user

      No, it was written by the same person. And there is no supporting evidence? Ah, so them saying it on video isn’t evidence? Amazing.

  7. user

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