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Don Lemon’s accuser went on Megyn Kelly’s podcast and now Lemon’s attorney is responding

Don Lemon’s accuser went on Megyn Kelly’s podcast and now Lemon’s attorney is responding

On Monday, Megyn Kelly interviewed Dustin Hice, who has accused CNN host Don Lemon of assaulting him in a bar in the Hamptons. This is the same basic story that Hice has told before. I’ve covered it here and here. Hice and a friend walked into a bar in the Hamptons around 10 pm. He spotted Don Lemon and went over and tried to buy two Lemon Drop drinks. He says here he was being cordial. But he also says Lemon looked like he’d had a few and wasn’t amused.


After Lemon said he was “trying to have a good time,” Hice went away and said he thought that was the end of it. Five minutes later, Hice claims Lemon came up to him and said, “Do you like me? Is that why you’re f***king with me?” And at that point, he says Lemon put his hand down his pants, rubbed his crotch, and then stuck his fingers into Hice’s face under his nose, saying, “Do you like pussy or dick? Hice claims Lemon pushed him hard enough that he was bent backward over the bar. He says he had a choice how to respond he decided to run out the back door.

Kelly asked, “Did it strike you as something he had ever done before?” Hice replied, “I don’t know anybody that acts like that in public without any fear of what it might do to somebody or the consequences it might have; that’s a pattern, you know.” He added, “I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Here’s the full interview:

I missed Kelly’s interview and the NY Post story about it Monday, but it seems Don Lemon’s attorney did not. Radar reports Lemon’s lawyer has written a letter to Kelly putting her on notice:

In a legal letter obtained by Radar, Lemon’s lawyer Caroline J. Polisi accuses Megyn of leaving her listeners with a “lopsided and inaccurate understanding” of what Dustin Hice claims went down between him and Lemon at a Long Island bar in the summer of 2018.

“You permitted Mr. Hice’s statements to go unchallenged during your broadcast, clearly out of a vendetta you have against Mr. Lemon,” the letter reads…

Lemon’s pitbull lawyer says the only time her client offered to pay Hice was “for a nuisance value of $8,000.” She claims Hice, through lawyers, “demanded $1.5 million dollars from Mr. Lemon in exchange for not ‘going public with his claims immediately.”


To be fair to Lemon, the NY Post did pull up some photos of Hice from the legal filings, which show Hice posing in front of Lemon’s home in ways that suggest he is not a fan. It’s not clear in the story whether those photos were taken before or after the incident in the bar. If they were taken before, that’s relevant and suggests a preexisting animus. However, if they were taken afterward, that might suggest Hice was reacting to what happened.

This case is supposed to go to trial early next year, and Hice clearly isn’t backing away from his claims thus far.

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Notes from the Editor

The problem with the elites, be they in the press or politics, they feel what they demand of us, we have no right to demand of them. The double standards are amazing, as I have stated in the past, if not for double standards one would be hard-pressed to find any at all.

Now, if this was done by a conservative politician or journalist, the press, including Don Lemon himself, would be outraged, demanding a resignation or firing, crucifying the person in the public.

Yet, because Don Lemon sees himself as the spokesperson for the radical left, he feels that what he is doing is so important, his actions shouldn’t matter.

The good news? We saw this with others, from politicians to reporters, they thought they were so important in the grand scheme of things, they could do as they wish, they were untouchable. We have many to show this is not the case, such as Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, politicians such as Rep. Bobby Scott, Senator Ruben Kihuen, and  Senator Al Franken, to name a few.

One can hope the same applies to Don Lemon, justice demands that he no longer has a seat trying to sway public opinion.

We are committed to truth and accuracy in all of our journalism. Read our editorial standards.

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