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Don’t Give In Mr. President

Don’t Give In Mr. President

We hear the Democrats and the president’s relationship are deteriorating, but I have to ask when was there one to start with? Since Tump was elected we have seen nothing but sedition from the left, doing everything they can do to unseat an elected president if that does not fit the bill of sedition, then nothing will. They are demanding you cave into their demands, to give nothing back in return, don’t give in Mr. President!

I think the most shocking thing in this, although I am not surprised is the backstabbing you see from members in the GOP, but the good news is primary time, we can remedy this, and we should. 

I spoke of this back in one of the first articles  I wrote in “CORKER, MCCAIN AND SOME IN THE GOP NEEDS TO PUT A CORK IN IT! What held true then holds true today, if we are going to have members in Congress that we voted for and put in office fight the president’s agenda, as we have seen with leaders like Senator Graham, then we need to find a fresh face. Find someone that will support and move what WE THE PEOPLE want, not their special interests. We need to remove them, not gently, move them out of office, during the primaries, give notice to all that this no longer will be tolerated. It is time to show them the power of the Army of Trump.Even to these people, don’t give in Mr. President!

I understand the art of the deal, ran businesses for years, deals are about compromise, but there are times when standing your ground is needed, it may slow things down, but shows there is a limit of where you are willing to compromise, that is what we need when we ask him not to give in. As time goes the left and their press are going to become more shrill on this, while I am without doubt that our president has faced pressure, I am also sure not like this, hold your course, don’t give in. 

We are now going to see what we chose when we voted in our president, we voted him in due to the weakness of our GOP leaders. They allowed the last president, even when they held the majority in both houses to be run over like they weren’t there, they were great in crying over what they could not do, they were terrible in showing any backbone. We need to hold all their feet to the fire, write them letters, send emails, let them know if they cave into this, we will hold them accountable.


But don’t stop with the GOP leaders and members with our representatives in both houses, do the same with the DNC, let them know that we will personally hold them accountable as well, go to places where the DNC has held sway, start to find someone that will challenge them, even if they are more to the left then what we like, they would be better then what we have now. 

Mr. President, I voted for you, am proud of the fact, please don’t give in to this pressure, we understand compromise, but we also understand the principle. Take to Twitter and let the people know the truth, it is not like you have a hard time doing this now, and we will repost your tweets. We will fill the internet with them, repost and saturate social network sites, in the grocery store, even at work we let the people know it is not you but the DNC that brought this about. If we all do this they will either stop, or they will see themselves take a worse fall then they already have. 

And for you, Senators and Congressmen, the ones that are too quick to give in; we are watching you. There are leaders that will hold their feet to the fire for us, if you aren’t willing, then step aside, or we will push you out of the way, our time has come, don’t stand in the way. 

I say to the President, to Congress and the Senators of this great nation, DONT GIVE IN, we should not be put in a corner for people that aren’t citizens, let alone can vote, they have no say in the government, it is time to listen to the ones that do. 


About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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