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Dr. Donohue – Soros Funds attack on Religious liberties

Dr. Donohue – Soros Funds attack on Religious liberties

Dozens of international left-wing activist groups “recently signed a statement lecturing the U.S. State Department’s Commission on Unalienable Rights,” said Dr. Donohue said, this included attacks against “the Center for Reproductive Rights, Human Rights Watch, and the International Women’s Health Coalition.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue has decried a coordinated left-wing attack on the project of the U.S. Commission on Unalienable Rights in an attempt to downgrade religious freedom and elevate LGBT and “reproductive” rights.

The attack is against Catholic Church or other religious groups that believe that life is sacred, and LGBT, while they don’t attack the lifestyle, don’t support it due to their religious writings say such behavior is wrong.

“Their opposition to religious liberty was on grand display,” Donohue said. “In their world, every time religious liberty clashes with abortion rights or the LGBT agenda, the former must bow to the latter.”

Last summer, Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo announced the formation of a Commission on Unalienable Rights to provide advice on human rights “grounded in our nation’s founding principles and the principles of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

One of the key “unalienable” rights is religious freedom, enshrined in the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees the “free exercise” of religion while prohibiting the establishment of a national religion.

The letter addressed to the Commission on Unalienable Rights says, “We urge the Commission to reject the prioritization of freedom of religion as a cloak to permit violations of the human rights of women, girls, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.”

“The hostility to religious liberty could not be more evident,” Donohue observes. “In their formulation, religious liberty is not a foundational right. No, it is a ‘cloak’ designed to rob people of their newly discovered rights.”

Religious liberty “has long been recognized throughout the world as a foundational right,” Donohue states, and thus it “should never be put on the same moral or legal plane with reproductive or sexual rights” because to do so would “devalue” it.

“This, of course, is exactly what these organizations seek to do,” he notes.

What we are finding, is in a push to drive LGBT education in schools and the public realm, the attack against anyone that says this is not right behavior under their religious code is coming under increasing attack from activists that support LGBT rights.

What is of interest here, most of the churches, while they say they don’t agree with their for their congregations, they don’t attack others outside their church that wish to practice this lifestyle. This is not acceptable to these groups; we see all over the world where these activist groups are forcing Churches and other religious institutions to give in to their demands or face being shuttered.

The George Soros-funded Center for Reproductive Rights has repeatedly attacked the Catholic Church with “venom,” Donohue states, labeling the Holy See “an obstacle to women’s reproductive rights.”

The Soros-funded Human Rights Watch also labels the Holy See as “obstructionist” for standing up for the rights of the unborn, Donohue states. It is also of note that any Christian group unless they are willing to submit to the ideology that abortion and LGBT lifestyle are OK, face increasing attacks from these groups under Soros funding.

The International Women’s Health Coalition has opposed the Commission on Unalienable Rights from the outset, alleging that the concept of natural rights and natural law “is rooted in 13th century theology and used anti-rights actors to attack women’s and LGBTQI rights.”

At this point, what we have is more of the activist left attacking any institution that dares disagree with them. I find it interesting, the LGBT advocates fought for years that others, including people from churches, accept them, but now they have been accepted they are leading the fight to try to shut down everyone they will not allow their moral choices as their own.

I would suggest these groups be careful, we have a history of this push for acceptance, then turning on people once they do, ends not the way they wanted, #MeToo is now experiencing this, as they see their movement mutate from.

What seems to be a reality here, the support for these groups is not that great, if Soros funding were cut most of them would dry up, sadly Soros continues doing what he has always done, try to destroy the morality from within, destroy the nations from without, all in a bid to set up his one-world government without borders.

Sadly Donohue, the Catholic Church, and any fundamental Church or synagogue are coming under attack as Soros turns his attention on trying to destroy what he sees as an obstacle to achieving his goals.

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