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Durham Closing In On Clinton’s As He Puts Her Attorney Under Indictment And Is Turning To What They Took Part In

Durham Closing In On Clinton’s As He Puts Her Attorney Under Indictment And Is Turning To What They Took Part In

Earlier this month, special counsel John Durham released new documents proving that former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman lied to the FBI in text messages by unequivocally telling them that he was not working for any client while working for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Sussman was indicted last September for lying to the FBI, but his problems just got even worse. According to new filings by special counsel John Durham, Sussmann also lied to the CIA after Trump was sworn into office.


DURHAM’S TEAM INTRODUCED a CIA official’s memo that said Sussman met with CIA officers on Feb. 9, 2017. He provided thumb drives and documents that he said had information concerning Trump and links to activities with Russia, reports Fox News.

The document says Sussman told the officers “he was not representing a particular client” but was providing information from unnamed “contacts” who he believed were acting in “good faith” and loyalty to the United States government. 

Sussmann met with CIA officers in early February 2017. At that time, he told them he “was not representing a particular client” but that his information came from “contacts” who he believed “were acting in good faith and out of a sense of loyalty” to the U.S. government.

Durham went further to state in filings:

In a filing from John Durham on April 4, the special counsel argues Joffe told an opposition researching team that top Clinton campaign officials were “looking for a true story that could be used as the basis for closer examination” regarding Trump and Russia.

“Trump has claimed he and his company have had NO dealings with .ru [web domains] other than the failed Casino, and the Miss Universe [sic] pageant,” Joffe allegedly wrote in an email. “He claims absolutely NO interaction with any financial institutions. So, any potential like that would be the jackpot.”

There is also the case where people within Clinton’s campaign openly stated the evidence compiled would go nowhere:

“In this case we will have not only the Trump folks trying to sho[o]t this down, but all the privacy freaks trying to come up with a crazy conspiracy theory on how we obtain the data,” the researcher added.

“Sorry to say this, we are nowhere close coming with a plan to attack this problem that will fly in the public domain. The only thing that drives us at this point is that we just do not like [Trump]. This will not fly in eyes of public scrutiny. Folks, I am afraid we have tunnel vision.”

Sussmann’s lawyers have tried to get the charges against him dismissed. A judge denied their latest motion this week, and his trial is set to begin next month.

Durham has recommended that communications between Joffe and online researchers be admitted as evidence in Sussmann’s upcoming trial.


We are seeing a deliberate attempt to keep Clinton’s hands clean in all of this; the question is this – Can Durham find the missing connection that ties Hillary to this attempt to influence an election illegally? What would be more interesting is, since we now know that Obama and his team were briefed on this, what part did his administration have in all of this?

At this point, we see Durham circling in on the Clintons, but he is also threatening to draw in the Obama administration. This continues to look like it could very well be the biggest case of conspiracy seen in the history of this nation.

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