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Elderly Trump supporters attacked, One Stabbed, Others Assaulted In Million Man Trump March In Washington, DC.

Elderly Trump supporters attacked, One Stabbed, Others Assaulted In Million Man Trump March In Washington, DC.

Since Trump was elected as the president-elect, we have sat back and allowed Antifa, BLM to march, saw the woman’s march where they wore their anatomy on their heads, and we did nothing; that is not the Conservative way. But once more, we have seen this is not the way of the left. While hundreds of thousands came out to peacefully show their support for Trump, they were met with violence by the domestic terrorist groups BLM and Antifa.

Thousands of Trump supporters gathered in Washington, D.C., on Saturday for the Million MAGA March. The first hours of the rally for President Donald Trump was a peaceful protest. Then things changed.

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Thousands of counterprotesters entered the area by mid-afternoon. There were numerous attacks on Trump supporters right before nightfall, including an assault of a multiracial family; one man was knocked out. The violence against Trump supporters only grew as the massive crowds from the “Stop the Steal” rally diminished, and the sunset arrived.

A swarm of counterprotesters surrounded and harassed an elderly couple holding a Trump flag in Washington, D.C. Some in the group held signs for Refuse Fascism, a self-described “national movement organizing to drive out the Trump/Pence regime.”

(Content Warning: Graphic videos)

Here you see an older man assaulted and knocked to the ground. His Crime? He was wearing a Trump shirt. It continued as a terrorist-held the man’s bike down, he pushes him away, the crowd then started to throw liquids at him and chant “Black Lives Matter!”

Let me be blunt here, “Black Lives Don’t Matter, not to these people, nor to Black Lives Matter itself, they only matter when they can claim victimization, otherwise not a peep is said about black on black murders, innocent black children killed in their beds as they sleep, no one cares about them.

While I care about all lives, I have no time to waste on professional victims. If black lives really mattered, they would put the same energy into cleaning up their own neighborhoods that they put into rioting and looting the cities they live in. Instead of assaulting the elderly, children, and the innocent, they would assault the gang-bangers, chase them out of town.

A teen couple attempted to flee from a gang of counterprotesters; the girl is seen terrified and crying. They are hit with liquid, and then two women try to rip the girl’s “Make America Great Again” hat from her hands, as seen in footage taken by Drew Hernandez.

Black bloc assailants brutally attack a man and then beat him with a flagpole attached to an American flag. A person on a megaphone shouts, “What the f*** did you think was gonna happen?”

Black bloc protesters shot fireworks at Trump supporters who were dining outside. One of the fireworks exploded dangerously close to a couple.

Hundreds of anti-fascist and Black Lives Matter supporters swarmed hotels that Trump supporters were staying in try to intimidate them. The crowd, some waving Biden flags, chant: “F*** Donald Trump.”

Police used a chemical agent on anti-Trump protesters after they refused to back away from the Capital Hilton.

A street store selling MAGA merchandise was completely ransacked.

There was a huge brawl between Proud Boys and anti-fascists.

Despite all of the violence directed against them, Trump supporters rallied on Saturday night to sing the national anthem in unison.

Daily Caller photojournalist Jorge Ventura shared his footage of physical attacks that occurred during the Million MAGA March with authorities, which reportedly led to the arrest of five assailants.

I support 100% peaceful protests, but I must ask, how long will we continue to allow these attacks against us and not do anything? Sadly, I think these terrorists are not going to understand anything but overwhelming violence in return. I was in the military; we were taught the only way to stop terrorism was to respond to them with overwhelming violence. One has to ask, “Is this what it is going to take to stop this?”

The worst part of all of this? It is the police. I don’t blame them. Rather I blame politicians, the ones they have to answer to; they have tied their hands, left their rear exposed until they have no desire to act. If they do, they know they will be tossed to the wolves. What is even more alarming, we see as this continues the exodus of police. Many of them are leaving because it makes no sense to expose yourself when the mayors and governors aren’t going to have your back; they demand they serve and protect, then when they do, they make them the sacrificial lamb.

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We are rapidly coming to a point, one I think will get much, much worse before it gets better, where if you are going to go to a march like this, your intent may be peaceful, but the counter-protestors will not be. I know that being older and disabled, going to one of these marches would not be a great idea, and if I did, I would not go unarmed. How long until the rest of the right starts to understand this? When they do, things are going to blow up.

I had someone ask me the other day, “Don’t you think Black Lives Matter?” I told them, “Why should I? They sure don’t matter to the black community or they would do something about it. I will not waste my time fighting or caring for someone who doesn’t wish to help themselves. Instead of cleaning up their own mess, they want to blame everyone but themselves for their own problems, problems, I might add, that was self-created in some cases, in others was caused by Democrat programs, the very people they now are supporting.”

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