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The Election Over, Is It Time To Panic?

The Election Over, Is It Time To Panic?

The special election is over, once more the GOP lost, is there a need to worry? We have heard the victorious laughing from the left, they claim that Trump and the GOP are down, but I question this. What they have won so far was an against a flawed candidate, then another they had to slander, and he was not a good candidate, the truth is if the GOP can get over themselves, put strong candidates in office, this should not be a problem.  But we have still dealt with a string of losses, so is it time to panic and what can be done to fix this? Today I look at this, see what can be done.

If we look at the DNC, they have volunteers that are willing to go door to door, community organizers, rallies with students, people willing to give some of their time to explain why they feel the DNC is a great idea for the people. Like it or not, it is working, look at the African American community, you have a community that if you actually bother to do research they have fallen as a demographic to far less then what they could be under the DNC control that now watches over them then if they had stuck to the GOP like they had for years.

What does the DNC do? In this, you see the lack of issue with them to compromise the truth, to spit on morality and honesty. They are willing to lie their heads off, shape any questioning of how much the community is benefiting as racist in nature, and if you are African American and go to the GOP they are just so happy to label you an Uncle Tom. What is worse, as they have done this now with successive generations, taken away the motivation, make them dependent on the tweets of the state, soon you have the people worried that any other vote could wean them off this and force them to fend for themselves. The African American community before the DNC got hold of them used to be a place that showed the nation how families stuck together, they were unified, they made do with little because they all worked together to give a safe community to their children.

Today after 70+ years of switching to the DNC you have the number one cause of death with young black males is another young black male. They have been taught victimhood so deeply when cops shoot a criminal in the act who is shooting back at them, they see the thief as the victim and demand justice be done. How do they react if their demands are not made? They burn their houses around them, loot the businesses in their community, then rip up the neighborhood they live in making it unsafe for themselves because the police don’t want to be accused of brutality if they dare to act to protect them. The DNC has done more to destroy this community than anything else, dare point this out you get screamed about being a racist, well hate to break it to your folks, FACTS are not racist, they are simply FACTS. The TRUTH is incapable of bigotry, racism, homophobia or any other type of bias, the only ones that yell about the truth and try to label it as such are doing so to prevent the truth from being told. If the black community wants to truly do something to help themselves, they would leave the DNC in mass.

So, what can be done?

First, the main problem is motivation, in the last election then-candidate Trump did something we have not seen in a while, motive people who rarely or never vote, he had given them a reason to feel the need to have their voices heard. But the truth is even with them out voting, we are only looking at about 33 to 35% of the people voted, most elections go along those lines. If we want to see these next elections come in our favor, we need to start looking at organizing national get and vote centers, the Democrats have been doing this for years, without them they would have been hard-pressed to win any elections. If we could have gotten even 50% of the American’s to vote, Obama would not have won his first election, let alone his reelection, the

In 2008 Obama gathered in 95% of the black votes, this was not so much due to racial motivation, the people were understandably proud, he was the first African American to run for president. The second election he pulled fewer numbers, by 3%, but in that election, fewer people voted as well, some were already souring due to expectation and reality were completely different, they looked to Obama as the great unifier, he turned up the great divider.

We need to take a lesson from DNC on this, not to play the race card, if we do this we will be castigated by the press, not to mention such an accusation will be leveled regardless, but we need to let white voters know it is not racist to vote, to give power to someone that will see their belief and ideals are being held in Washington.

We also need to work on others that share our political beliefs and values, doesn’t matter their nationality, I am Jewish, most Jews vote for liberals, although I must admit for the life of me I can’t understand such a thing. Show them that Trump has done more to give Jews a voice than any other president ever has. While every president, starting with Truman to Obama, not one of them would recognize Israel’s eternal capital, show them that Trump is the only one that did. Not only that his daughter is Jewish, married to a Jew, his staff and advisers may have the heaviest Jewish presence we have ever seen.

And let’s not stop with my fellow Jews and Whites, what about the Hispanics, if they see the economy is picking up, ask if their life is better now than it was over the last 8 years of Obama, Bush and Clinton, they may start to lose members who start jumping from the DNC to the GOP, you could find this snowball with the same for Asians and African Americans.

We can drive the citizens that seem to think that it is either beneath them or that voting is a waste, this could not be further from the truth. The press has always played on this tune, it has worked to a certain extent considering only 1 out of 3 Americans vote, but can you imagine if you could motivate the GOP to bring out even 1% extra? May not seem like much, but you are looking for every 1% you draw you would raise the vote by 3.5 million, I would love to see 1.5% brought up, 5+ million would give such a margin of victory that the DNC would not have a chance to field another candidate until they changed their tune.

We also need to look at the people we have elected. We have a majority in both houses, yet the GOP is so divided that nothing is getting done, of course they blame the left for this, for they are not partaking in the debates, demanding it their way or none at all, but if we could figure how to unify they would not be an issue.

Next, you know what else would not only give the GOP a majority but a supermajority? Getting something done. We need to let our representatives know that they either figure out how to cooperate and get things done, or we will see to it they will not get elected to be dog catchers. If they can’t figure out how to put personal feelings behind for the good of the nation, then I would say they are in the wrong job. In any other job, if you were put in place to get something done, but then refused to work with the boss and get anything done because you held a grudge, you would not last long on that job, we need to demand that same standard of our elected officials, they work for us, time they started to act like it.

Last, we need to organize, I am looking at putting together a website with material and means of how to aid people to get out to their community, it is taking time due to restriction on funding, with funding for this site clearing out most of the reserve cash, the other is left with not much, but we will get there. We need volunteers to lead areas of the US, states, counties, cities and rural areas, to draw in the young and old, get them enthused about what Trump is trying to do, then find candidates that are this way too. The old established guard, get rid of them in the primaries if need be, people like McCain have let personal feelings take over what is best for the nation, it is time to clear all of them out, give the president people whom will actually work with him in implementing his agenda.

Finally, we need to get out and educate on what the DNC stands for, reach out to people that support them, see if their platform and their own one is the same, if not compare what the GOP is pushing. The DNC has for too long worked with negativity and attacks, this needs to stop, we saw this in the last election, there was very little of substance Clinton brought to the table, instead she tried to build up herself as an anti-Trump candidate, much of it was because there was no difference between her and Obama, time to let this be known, show the damage Obama did o the US, our economy, world standing, let the people know exactly what baggage the DNC will bring.

We can do this, it only takes one, then that one to reach one, teach the one you reach to do the same, soon what starts off as a trickle will turn into a flood. We must start somewhere, why not let it start with you and me???

At 0censor we aim to bring news that is news, articles like this are opinions and are labeled as such, the two should never be mixed unless specified. Our readers deserve better then what has been given, we aim to grow in this practice, to give the news that can be separated from opinion, and where opinions are given from both sides of the Isle. As such our needs are many, we are a very small organization that is growing at a rate that is taking us by surprise, we want to continue on as we are, not to take money in from larger organizations with their own political agenda, as such we count on advertising and you the reader to aid in our ability to continue. We ask this holiday season you remember us in your giving.



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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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