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Elon Musk Makes Move For Hostile Takeover Of Twitter

Elon Musk Makes Move For Hostile Takeover Of Twitter

After buying the largest share of stocks in Twitter and being offered a seat on the Board, which he rejected (I will get to that), Musk then offered an offer to buy out Twitter for $41 billion.

We all thought that he would change how Twitter was operating, but in offering a seat on the board, Twitter was really forcing Musk’s hand so he could not change things, including buying a majority of stock. First, they offered him a seat if he would agree not to buy more than 15% of company stock, then came out publically and said, “The board or shareholders do not determine policy decisions, and we have no plans to reverse any policy decisions.”

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In other words, the people they have banned, such as Trump, would not allow Musk to have a say in this; it is of little wonder why he rejected their offer, thus setting up the hostile takeover we now see going into effect.

With this breaking, we are sure that the people at Twitter are frantically looking into what legal options they have to stop such a takeover; such a move would remove one clog controlled by progressives working so hard to stifle free speech.

I think one person posting on this gave the most honest answer to how Democrats will look at this move:

Please make no mistake, Musk, contrary to common myth, is no conservative, but he leans towards libertarian, with an eye towards the necessity of free speech. I would venture to say Musk is more in line with the old Kennedy Democrats, who found the idea of free speech a sacred right, something he has spoken in favor of for years now.

Many are responding to this with joy:

Many are rejoicing, but I would caution you to hold off on that; the Progressive Left will not take this laying down. We can expect lawsuits and moves by legislators to have more control over social media platforms (G-d forbid someone controls one with support of free speech).

We can also expect a massive sell-off of Twitter stock to try to devalue and make Musk pay in coins for his act. This can easily be remedied; we should pick up any stock the progressives are selling.


The Left does not mind billionaires when they are supporting their Liberal ideology, censoring free speech, but if you challenge this, expect them to respond in a massive way back. I think that Musk could care less.

Of course, we all are asking, “Does this mean Trump will be back on Twitter?”

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