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Emails & Text Lost……Once-Shame On You, Twice – Shame On Me, Three Times???

Emails & Text Lost……Once-Shame On You, Twice – Shame On Me, Three Times???

I remember years ago being told, “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!” But what do you say when you see this the third time? We have heard this mysterious loss of text messages that seem’s to be a habit with the liberal left, if not emails, turns out text messages are deleted

We have an investigation into Trump going full board, our press conferences are filled up with nothing about our economy, job growth, a bright economic forecast, and yet all we hear are questions about the Mueller investigation. It seems that the fact that unemployment is at an all-time low, the best in 17 years is ignored universally by the liberal press briefers….. oops, meant the mainstream press. You hear a total dismissal of our economic growth, it is just pittance according to Pelosi; the stock market setting record after record, hardly even a whisper, all we hear about is the so-called collusion, although that has changed as well, now it is the obstruction, not the collusion we are told. And when not that, it is illegal immigrants something that the latest polls out of Harvard, which is hardly a conservative institution of learning, shows the majority of Americans want reduced immigration to this nation

But what I find most interesting is the loss of emails. Once, I can understand, things happen, but with backups, then later finding backup tapes that we were told were destroyed were found with the IRS investigation, Obama stood at the podium and said the GOP was making a bunch of ado about nothing, we were able to let this slide, the press stood up and in self-importance told us this was just conservative obstruction of Obama but was it? 

Next, we were told that when the Clinton investigation happened that those Emails were destroyed, I believe it was with BleachBit. Once more the press stood up and said it was just another move from the right to try to put Clinton in a bad light, then when Commey said they were investigating this, an investigation we have since found out that already giving a view of not being guilty of a criminal act before they even interviewed Clinton. Of course, they ignored that they took hammers after their Blackberry’s, their laptop hard drives.  I am sure that this is what any normal citizen would do if they were investigated by the FBI, I am sure if you were found for conspiracy to commit fraud and they asked for your emails and computer, if you said you brought BleachBit, then took a hammer after your devices after you were given a subpoena , the FBI would pat you on the back and say, “Don’t worry, we know it was a harmless accident!” I am sure everyone believes this, right? 

Then the third time, now we have a person that was part of the Trump investigation, he is the one that actually was there to press charges on Flynn, and for what, lying, yet we find from emails received that he was actively working to try to prevent Trump from being elected, and then when he was to do what he could to remove him. Yet when Congress asked for emails over 3 months between him and his lover, who was another rabid pro-Clinton attorney, they now say they have lost those as well. You have the same thing happen not once or twice, this is not a mistake, this is a conspiracy to commit a crime, what you have is a pattern of criminal behavior, sadly where are we seeing this? In the very foundation that investigates the criminals in our nation. 

Now please don’t take this as an attack against all the people in the FBI or the Justice Department, but it is against the leadership in both, but if you dare to say this the press says you are trying to disable and shame the FBI and the Justice Department. Well, you know what? Until we can clean this up, you bet I am, we need to clean that place out, I don’t care if we have to shut it down, then go person by person, clear them and then bring them back. but at least this way we will weed out the rotten few that can spoil the whole thing.  

The government under Obama was set up by politizing our intelligence, Justice (thus the FBI), even politicized the State Department more then it was. With Obama he allowed the liberals to push their agenda in a national and international sense, in fact, seemed to have encouraged it, so when Trump came in and started to demand that his goals be met, we had secretaries openly defying him, which is something that was unprecedented. In these places your political goals are to be forgotten, you are there to do the will of the president, not yours, but for some reason, which we still see, but to a much less extent still going on now. Of course, much of this is still aided by the senate democrats refusing to confirm presidential appointees, so a year later we still have the undersecretaries from the Obama administration in running interference.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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