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England, From Freedom To Police State With Tommy Robinson Arrest

England, From Freedom To Police State With Tommy Robinson Arrest

England, the proud country that gave us the Magna Charter, showed the world the evil of slavery, led the charge to end it, taught much of what we think of Western Morality around the world has now lost much of this as in a rush to maintain its political correctness has slowly started to turn into a police state. They have shown us the fall that has happened with the arrest of one of their own citizen’s, Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson, whom the left considers as a radical right-wing hardliner because he dares to point out the problems brought on to England by the mass Islamic migration and the refusal of the nation to do anything about this has been attacked for years, now finds himself most likely in prison, even though the nation will not give any information out on this due to a judge’s gag order.

And what was Tommy Robinson’s crime? He dared to film live outside a trial of young Islamic migrant males who were in court for grooming very young women to become prostitutes for them, in other words, they were pimps bring in vulnerable young teen girls and forcing them into prostitution.

The hatred against Tommy Robinson has come from his daring to point out the problem with large Islamic migration, his calls for it to halt, the demographics of England are changing due to this. Calls of Islamophia have followed, but I don’t see a case of Islamophobia, more a concern that the English culture is maintained, but in today’s politically correct Europe such a thing is not only not tolerated it is seen as a crime. This is the place the left wishes to take us, the UN as well, which now has had multiple attempts to place before it any rejection or criticism of Islam should be crime around the world.

Tommy Robinson arrest has come under question by many who don’t see his alarm calls as racist, rather as defining a growing problem in Europe, one that thankfully Trump has for now put a halt to, although the liberals are fighting this for all they are worth. I think the world needs to question this, anyone that is for freedom of speech and expression, to report on the sidewalk outside a court, to have a judge arrest you for this in free Western society is without excuse.

The sad thing is me, many like myself, Trump, Netanyahu, and other great leaders who dare to bring to question the problems with a large influx of migrants who feel they are above the law of the land, their faith is the only law they recognize, we would be considered as far right radicals in these same nations. Telling the truth does not make one radical, the truth is only labeled as such when the ones that are listening don’t wish this truth to be told.

I have no issue with immigrants, as I said prior I am married to one, wonderful woman whose mother had to flee for her life after the Communist in Asia attacked her village and tried to wipe her people out. Their crime? When the United States came to them and asked for help, promising if they had to leave they would grant them protection in America, they did as  America asked, they were left to fight for their lives as we left without them.

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Many languished in camps, did for years, they waited, did not sneak in, finally were brought over where when my wife was two months old. During the Obama administration they shut down the camps, this was Clinton’s doing and forced them back to where they enemies were waiting, the ones that did not make it here faced a slaughter by the enemies, a tragic end for a people who helped us when we asked.

This I have no issue with, they came here, the first generation struggled, the generation that was born here or came at a young age, such as my wife, they are fully American, were taught to learn English, they were to be part of the nation, but never forget where they came from.

Sadly today you have a whole new class of immigrants that come here from southern nations that don’t teach this, they resent this nation, disrespect it, and disrespect and hate the people that live here.  Most of these people come here illegally, demand rights and privileges that is not theirs to demand. This needs to stop, we have a right, no more a duty to be selective on whom comes into this nation, it is a privilege and not a right, we need to keep this in mind.

Further the Islamic migrants, many are wonderful and giving citizens, whom who are part of the fabric of this nation and have contributed to what we are. Sadly, many also aren’t; this is what we need to guard against, pass laws that will enable us to remove them from this nation, if you are going to come here, demand that we submit to what you think our morals should be, then you need to go.

There are citizens here also like Linda Sarsour, who has called for Jihad against Trump,  spreads hate while acting as she cares. She uses people, people who are gullible to go along with her hatred and not question it, demands that we give rights with one breath, then supports radical Islamist groups that behead gay’s, apostates, people that dare convert, or are found to proselytize, call for the murder of all Jews on the planet, yet she is a darling of the left. Of course, with them thinking the same of Farhakkan one should not be too surprised. We need to look at laws that will strip the citizenship of people who work to subvert or overthrow this nation and its government. To be blunt, if you hate it so bad here Linda, then get out and go back to Gaza, see how you like it there.

This is the world the Left wants us to be; it is up to us come time to vote this fall to ensure they don’t get their way. We as lovers of America need to ensure not only this election but the rest coming up that this never comes to pass. We don’t need to have more Tommy Robinson’s here, but this is what the left wants.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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