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Should English Be The Official Language Of The US?

Should English Be The Official Language Of The US?

I was watching the news last night, heard a complaint by a host on FOX that over 20% of the homes in America use another language at home. The host went on to say that this was not good, the belief of his that English should be the official language of the US, why it has been shut down in the past, the calls that asking for this is somehow racist, as claimed by many on the left, it got to me to thinking.

I am married to someone that is an immigrant, she came here as an infant, so learning Engish was not an issue for her, but her brother who was older, and her two parents it could have been harder. I asked her if her family spoke English in the home, she said no, they spoke Hmong, but spoke English with everyone else, unless they were Hmong.

I thought of my grandparents, then her’s, we saw other languages spoken, but it was always known that while Engish may be harder for the parents to pick up, but they do after a while, and when dealing with others they never demanded you learn to speak in Hmong, Yiddish or German, Polish or any other language to talk with them, they sure didn’t require that we pay for their interpreters as we see now.

It was a given that if you came to America the Parents took longer, but they learned English, the kids usually picked it up rather quickly, but while communications was done in their tongue at home, it was never done so, nor were expectations of others being forced to learn their language to communicate with them. If interpretation was needed, the parents brought their children with them to provide this service.

This is where my wife and I came to an agreement, we live in America, we are a melting pot, while there are many here that speak other languages, due to the fact that the migrants today not only come from the Hispanic world  but Arab nations, from Russia, Africa, are we expected of or demanded to somehow manage all these languages?

If so, someone, please call Scotty, tell him to beam down a bunch of universal translators, there is no way this feeble mind of mine is going to master all of these languages, and what if we see a trend from another part of the world in the near future, am I expected to learn their language as well?

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While I speak English, I also have a passable ability to speak in Spanish, can communicate in Hmong, learning Hebrew, know enough Greek, German and French for necessary communications and not get slapped for thinking I am asking for gum, instead find out what her price is.

And don’t laugh, when I was younger went to Central America, we flew down to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, I was 16, got off the plane, knew nothing of Spanish, met a kid when I got off the flight, told me for a dollar he would help me as an interpreter, learned a life lesson that day, after asking how much for a shopkeepers breast, when I thought I was asking for gum, asked another to marry me, and one to sleep with me, while this kid laughed his butt off, I may add at my expense, I learned then, learn the language fast.   

So my feelings about English being put forward as the official language of the US, I am all for it, the reason is historical. Our declaration was written in English; our constitution was as well, our laws are, the constitutions of our state were, we have communicated in English as an unofficial language for the last 250 years. To say that language is racist, or the demand that it be the official language is just nonsense, this is just a deflection in the idiocy of political correctness.

I think that while I understand the difficulty of learning a new language when coming to a new country, I also know that this is how things are done. To say that somehow it is demeaning or racist to ask this is is nonsense, we have a language that unifies us as Americans, there is no shame in this, nor is there any in remembering the language you spoke before you came here, making sure your children know it as well.

With politics, the great divide becoming more extensive with left versus right, who is president, we really don’t need something else to divide us, does not matter what your place of birth was, what you spoke as a youth, if you are an American, then you are part of us, this big dysfunctional place that we love to fight, argue, but in the end, we still  a family, even if a somewhat dysfunctional one at that.

We have a language that we hold in common; it is time to make this the official language, it has unofficially been this way anyway for the last 200+ years.

Will continue to update the polling as we go, so far we have the results as follows.

Yes 93.42%        No 6.58%

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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