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Europe is Burning and Turning Against Liberal Ideology

Europe is Burning and Turning Against Liberal Ideology

We have heard it for years, look to  Europe, they are the answer to all that ails us, but is this the truth? We have France in Riots, the largest in 60 years, Merkel in Germany is rejected, she is not running for office again, and with good reason, she would lose. Italy and other countries have had enough of their leftist leaders and are now voting in candidates that put their nation first, in front of the EU or any other entity. Europe is looking to leaders like Trump, who openly advocate putting their national needs ahead of the needs of others, this has the left in a state of chaos, they have no clue why this is happening.

France has been burning; the people are tired of Macron’s liberal ideology being forced on them, preaching at them virtue while hacking up the taxes on commodities to pay for his program. What we see now are riots over the gas price hikes, but this has landed on deaf ears in Paris, they openly state they see what they are doing as right so that they will push forward, does not matter if people are rioting and rejecting their moves.

We have seen this in Germany, where the political group Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, like Trump and the GOP, we hear the leftist cry that they are a neo-Nazi, far right anti-Islamic, Anti-Semitic party, but this is for the most part not true. What they want are secure borders, to stop the influx of Middle East immigrants whom they feel are changing the demographics of Germany much too quickly.

What you have is a party that calls for the nation to put Germany first, their first obligation should be to their people, not to foreigners who are upending their society. This, of course, is met with the typical response you see from the left, where cries of racism are used to try to attack this group, they claim their slogan they adopted “Courage To Stand Up For Germany” somehow is a throwback to the Fascist ideology, which is just nonsense.

They have since united with other nationalist movements from other nations in Europe, such as the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) and others that feel they should be more responsible with their funds, nations that have run themselves into trouble by promising more than they can pay should have to take it upon themselves to fix what is broken, not Germany footing the bills to correct this for others.

Even though the party has shown time after time to be pro-Israel, pro-USA, and pro-NATO, that has not stopped the anti-Semitic claims from Europe’s press. We should be used to this, we see the same thing even now with Trump, while Obama went out of his way to stab Israel in the back, disrespected their leader, sent his election team and illegally passed finances to the opposition party in Israel to unseat Israel’s prime minister, listening to the liberals, you would think Obama was the best thing that ever happened to Israel.

Meanwhile, they ignore the embassy move, the move in the UN to stop the constant attacks against Israel, the showing of solidarity with them like never seen before, that Trump’s daughter and son-in-law are Jewish, that his grandchildren are as well, none of this matters, all that does is their narrative.

We see further, the claim that since this group AfD does not accept the pseudo-science of global warming as gospel, that is more unacceptable to the left, then if they had been a real neo-Nazi group, for if such a group accepted global warming, they would have been viewed as less radical then this group is.

We also see this trend in other nations, in Hungry Fidesz, in Armenia the Republican Party of Armenia, In Macedonia the VMRO-DPMNEand Poland theLaw and JusticeParty, all of these parties are conservative, nationalist parties, many of these parties in Europe have adopted the Trump slogan, Make America Great Again, just switched out America for their nation’s name. These all are presented by the news in their nations, which just like ours is very leftist leaning, as radical right-leaning groups, when the reality is if these groups ran on this same platform 30 years ago, they would be seen as moderate nationalist, nothing more, that shows how far left the press has moved. 

One thing in common with these groups, they have either captured the largest block of seats in their perspective parliaments or are very close to doing so. This has forced the leftist leaning parties to unite with other radical parties to try to prevent them from having a say in the government, but not only are these groups continuing to rise in popularity, so are others all around the world in rejection of the liberal mantel we have all been forced to bear.

Europe is starting to throw off what the left loves to say is the utopia they want the US to experience, but one has to ask, if it is so great, then why is it now being rejected all over the world?

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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