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‘Evangelicals for Trump’ Defy Nevada Church Restrictions by Worshiping in Casino

‘Evangelicals for Trump’ Defy Nevada Church Restrictions by Worshiping in Casino

In Nevada, you can’t have more than 50 people meet for a religious service. However, the state’s lifeblood — casinos — can operate at 50 percent capacity, a much less strict restriction.

If you’re Evangelicals for Trump, there’s an easy workaround to that: Hold a church service in a Las Vegas casino.

The event took place at the Ahern Hotel and Convention Center in Las Vegas on Thursday, according to Fox News.

The venue is one of Vegas’ numerous facilities that combine hotel and convention space with casino facilities.

Headlined by Trump spiritual adviser Paula White, the church service took aim at the absurdity and arbitrary nature of Nevada’s worship restrictions — and received support from the Trump campaign.

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“In a time when many Nevadans can’t go to church because of overreaching restrictions, President Trump’s campaign is bringing together evangelicals from across the community to pray, worship and discuss key issues facing Americans in the November election,” said Trump 2020 deputy national press secretary Ken Farnaso, according to Fox News.

Faith and Freedom Coalition chairman Ralph Reed tweeted a video of the event, showing proper social distancing.

“Our president understands how important faith is to our country,” White said during the event, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Officials in Las Vegas either don’t get irony or don’t take kindly to it, because they sent the Ahern Hotel and Casino a letter saying that “a determination has been made that this gathering for over fifty (50) persons will be in violation of the governor’s current directive for public and private gatherings.”

“Your compliance is mandatory,” it stated. “Your failure to comply with all State directives and notices issued by the City may result in civil fines, license suspensions, and/or denial of your pending permanent licenses.”