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Even the Partisan Hack MSM Is Souring On Kamala Harris

Even the Partisan Hack MSM Is Souring On Kamala Harris

It has been difficult to not notice that the frequency of the “Wow, Kamala Harris is kind of a train wreck…” articles has been picking up quite a bit lately. We’ve led the Briefing with that once in October and November, the most recent being around three weeks ago.  In reality, there is enough material to do a daily diary about this political nightmare, but we probably do need to keep focusing on her even bigger train wreck of a boss.

Over on the VIP side of the paywall, Matt has a good post about the staff shakeup going on in Madame Veep’s office.


On Saturday, A.J. wrote a post that covered a none-too-flattering article about Harris in, off all publications, The Washington Post:

I’ve followed Kamala Harris’ political career for over a decade, ever since she narrowly won an attorney general’s race over a Republican in the bluest state in America. Failing upwards remains fascinating to me.

The Californian is not only as left-wing as socialist Bernie Sanders, but also ineffectual, ignorant and extremely unpopular. Unless he did it for “insurance,” so folks like me would pray he stays healthy, Joe Biden’s selection of Harris as his running mate was the worst option.

And now, after Harris’s disastrous presidential campaign and an equally egregious year as vice president, even the liberal media has noticed.

The Post paints a portrait of a woman who isn’t willing to do what’s necessary in order to not look like an unprepared idiot in almost every situation. It also features this rather damning quote about Harris:

“With Kamala, you have to put up with a constant amount of soul-destroying criticism and also her own lack of confidence. So you’re constantly sort of propping up a bully and it’s not really clear why.”


Everything about Harris seems contrived, forced, and uncomfortable. This attempted assist from one of her senior staffers kept that trend going:

As Twitchy noted, it looks like a hostage photo. Seriously, every time I look away and look back quickly I can swear I see ISIS guys with guns just off to the left.

They had time to come up with a way to address the rumors about problems with her staff and that was the best they could do. Everything Kamala Harris touches turns into a cringe-fest.

It would appear that even the most partisan lefties are starting to remember that they liked Harris so little when she was running for president that she never made it to the first primary. Choosing her as his running mate was an idiotic choice on Biden’s part, and foreshadowed just how awful the decision-making during his alleged presidency would be.


This is a heck of a one-two punch of toxically incompetent that we have atop the Executive Branch right now. Harris is so bad at everything that she sometimes makes us forget about Biden.

Which may be by design.

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