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Ex-CIA, Army officer says we can defeat the fascist thugs who stormed the Capitol by taking similar measures we took to defeat al-Qaeda

Ex-CIA, Army officer says we can defeat the fascist thugs who stormed the Capitol by taking similar measures we took to defeat al-Qaeda

This line of thinking isn’t necessarily new. On January 19, we did a post on a former intelligence official who said the United States should apply some of the lessons learned from fighting al-Qaeda here at home to root out domestic terrorists like the ones who stormed the Capitol Building on January 6. At one point, she suggested the U.S. think about a “9/11 Commission” for domestic terrorism.

And just a day before that, The Daily Beast entertained the question of whether America needed domestic spy agencies to fight extremists at home.


Now, Kevin Carroll, who’s former CIA and Army, writes in the Washington Examiner that yes, we should use some of those measures used to defeat al-Qaeda to “do the same to those fascist thugs who attacked our democracy last month.”

Carroll lays out five steps, including having fire and police departments sign loyalty oaths, using the supremacy of federal law to ban “militias,” and adding domestic terrorism as a predicate to the material support for terrorism statute.

Domestic terrorism, a phenomenon formerly associated with left-wing groups such as the Weather Underground, Black Liberation Army, and Puerto Rican FALN separatists, has returned with blood in its eyes and on its hands.

We saw five dead in the Jan. 6 attempted coup d’etat. We saw possible assassination plots against both former Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. We saw coercion designed to prevent certification of President Biden’s Electoral College victory. We now see the Capitol necessarily secured behind razor wire. But we also see some Republican members of Congress trying to sneak guns onto the House floor. One has even called for violence. It is time to confront these putschists.

First, no one’s trying to “sneak” guns onto the House floor. And “formerly” associated? During his very last days in office, President Obama commuted the sentence of imprisoned FALN leader Oscar Lopez Rivera, which led Disney’s Lin-Manuel Miranda to offer to put on a special performance of “Hamilton” for him after he finished marching in New York’s Puerto Rico Day Parade with Mayor Bill de Blasio. Just like al-Qaeda, right?

“Kevin Carroll served as …a CIA and Army officer in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen.”

Three great success stories.

— Cary Bleasdale (@Cary_Bleasdale) February 1, 2021

Remember when Democratic mayors across the country told President Trump to call off his “stormtroopers” when he suggested sending in the National Guard to get the riots under control? Remember when a New York Times editor lost his job for publishing a piece by Sen. Tom Cotton suggesting sending in the troops? The Left is still salty over that. But now …


This idea isn’t going over well, nor should it, to claim that fellow Americans, who have a difference of opinions is as un-american as you can get. The 50 to 100 people that broke into the capital, they should be condemned, there was no excuse for this action, but to claim that they were there to kill people, that is equally a bunch of nonsense, even the DOJ had to walk this claim back.

The Democrats are increasingly showing us that they are willing to use force to stay in power, subdue those who dare have a difference of political thought, this is how democracy dies, not how it is strengthened.

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